The Impossible Girl

220 So one of my friends posted a link to this awesome cosplayer on Facebook this morning, and after seeing one of the cosplayer’s Clara Oswald cosplays, I decided… today, I had to be Clara. It’s based on this outfit, from the Christmas Special, and while it’s not perfect… I’m actually pretty happy with it. I made do with what I had, and I like how it turned out! I just wish I had an actual white blouse instead of a gray tee shirt, but oh well.

4 11

I have been meaning to do a Clara inspired outfit (or cosplay) for quite some time, but I never felt like I had the right pieces until I saw the Christmas Special outfit and remembered I have this skirt in my pile of things to sell (I might not be selling it now…). It was the perfect inspiration to get up and get dressed today, since I’ve been trying to get dressed every day (being a work-from-home, stay-at-home mom without a car doesn’t help my drive to be dressed every day, haha!) and today I nearly stayed in my yoga pants. 71021 Now that I’ve done one inspired outfit, I might just have to do a few more. And maybe an actual cosplay. My friend Kristi does a ton of awesome cosplays, and she’s just making me itch do to a good one. But it’s harder to find cosplays that can easily be done from things I have at home, so for now I’ll  stick to inspired-by outfits, and maybe next year for the Renaissance Faire, I’ll be Arwen. My hair should be long enough by then! 14 1522 One thing I love about Clara — her makeup and hair are super, super easy to do. Longer layers (her hair is mostly shorter than mine) with a side part and curled up ends? Check. Natural makeup with a bit of brown liner and pinkish lips? I can do that! So easy. I should just be Clara every day. And I’ll make Mr. Owl be Doctor 11.  17 6

Cardigan, tee, and heels thrifted | Vintage skirt | Target tights | Forever 21 necklace

I’ll tell you a little secret: it was cool enough for tights and a cardigan this morning, but by the end of the pictures I was sweating. So off they came! I cannot wait for the days to be crisp enough to keep it all on all day.

Also, Asa is seven months old today. ALREADY. He is now closer to one year old than he is to the day he was born, which means soon he’ll be crawling all over the place. It seems crazy that he’s this big already!

I hope you are all having a good week!

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1 24 Collage 2 So this last weekend, we went up to Leavenworth with my husband’s family. It was the first time I’d actually spent the night in Leavenworth, and previous to this I’d only ever been there three times — once when it was excruciatingly hot, once when it was extremely cold (and I was eight months pregnant and terrified of slipping on the icy streets), and once when it was actually quite nice but we didn’t get to explore as long as I’d hoped. To get to stay overnight was so, so nice!

We stayed at the Enzian Inn, which is well known for the man who blows the horn on the rail every morning, and where, it seems like, everyone I have ever heard of stays.

19 Collage 7

Asa had his first dunk in the pool, and he loved it. He’s definitely a little water baby; as soon as he saw the pool, he started kicking his feet and waving his hands, and he was content to splash and kick the entire time. I’m betting he’ll be a little swimmer when he gets older!

20 Collage 1

We went putt-putt golfing, which comes with the stay, and I failed miserably. I am not a very good golfer at ALL. I think the lowest score I got at any of the holes was five. Suffice it to say… I lost. But I had fun, and I never hit it into the water or the sand pits, so that’s a plus!

4 Collage 4 9 And, of course, there was lots and lots of wandering and window-shopping. I had hoped to find something pretty to bring home (aka, clothes or jewelry) but I ended up just grabbing a coffee mug I’d seen the last time we came. I’m quite happy with it – I’m kind of a coffee mug collector.  Collage 6 17Collage 9  8 Collage 5

I love just wandering through Leavenworth. I would have taken much longer than Mr. Owl and his brother to walk the streets; there were so many things I wanted to photograph and stop for! I’m always the one lagging behind to take a picture. Sometimes, my husband has to remind me that it’s more important to enjoy the moment than it is to take a picture of it, haha!


Sadly, that was the only shot we got of a proper outfit; somehow it never works out to take outfit pictures when we’re in amazing places. This time, Asa started to lose it right as we got set up to take pictures, and then I never really wore another outfit. I was mostly in my swimsuit and shorts the whole time.

Collage 1029COllage 8

On the second day in the afternoon, we headed down to the Wenatchee river for a short while, and of course, Asa loved that too. He was content to sit at the edge of the river (highly supervised, of course!) and sink his toes and fingers into the sand while the water trickled over his legs.

I only wish we’d had some inner-tubes to float down the river; it was so tranquil and calm there, and it was perfect weather for floating.


It was a wonderful little weekend getaway, and I wish we could have stayed longer! To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to the day when we can leave Asa with his grandparents for the weekend and go somewhere, haha! I’d miss him, but it would be nice to have some time with Mr. Owl all to myself!

Have any of you been to Leavenworth to stay? What was your favorite thing to do there?

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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Seeking Style

Recently, I cleaned out my closet, and rid myself of all of the clothes that I hadn’t worn in a few years, or clothes that just didn’t suit me for one reason or the other — too modern, too short, too big, too bland, whatever. I laid a hard rule that if it didn’t fit right, or it wasn’t quite retro enough, it had to go. I got rid of about 2 large trash bags full of clothes, which was quite nice!

But I still have a massive closet full of dresses and skirts, and I’m still not sure what my real direction is with style. I’ve struggled with this for… always, actually. As much as I absolutely adore full-on retro 1950′s or 1940′s style, I don’t think it’s quite for me. And I also love pattern mixing, but most of the time it seems too fussy. And I adore color, but too much gets me overwhelmed. And I love wearing scarves and flowers in my hair, but sometimes it’s too twee. So what, really am I looking for in style?

To help me figure out where my sweet spot is with colorful, retro, pattern-mixed outfits, I went through the last three years of my style and picked out the outfits I’ve worn over the last few years that I absolutely, positively adore. Here’s what I came up with:

Look 100f3d1f668c86cdbca287849053d019c Look 2 Look 3

1. I am definitely a bit of a hippie/boho lover, which was surprising. These looks are my FAVORITE. I remember feeling perfect in all of these looks. I love the look of long, slightly messy flowing hair, quirky braids, and simple outfits made to pop with a cozy graphic/Indian print sweater or cardigan, and head adornments. Currently, actually, I am coveting two graphic print sweaters (1,2) that I plan to snatch if they’re still available when I can get them, and both would fit perfectly with this theme.

Look 7 46Look 6

2. I love me some good florals! This one is blatantly obvious, especially if you look through my closet. About half of my 50+ dresses are floral. It’s ridiculous. But with all of these, I noticed that I tend to like the floral looks best if I keep all of the accessories and other garments simple or plain. And most of these ones are also tinged with a little bit of boho flavor. Go figure.

Look 8 Look 4

3. I like simplicity. Although I adore going full vintage-look, as I did with this red eShakti dress, I prefer my retro looks to be much more about the hint of retro rather than the whole shebang. This combo of plain tee+full skirt is probably my go-to look. All a girl needs is great shoes, a good skirt, and a simple tee shirt. I could live in any of these looks happily for the rest of my life. They’re a little bit retro housewife, without being blatantly 50′s or overdone and fussy, and that really appeals to me!

Look 9

4. And, of course, when I do mix patterns and colors, I like to do it simply. A big pattern, pops of color, and maybe one small, hardly noticeable other pattern added in. I’ve never liked going all neutral, as you can see, but one shot of color does wonders for an outfit. And I’m much more open to wearing mostly neutrals than I used to be, now that I know simplicity appeals to me.

So, overall, I like things to be easy, unfussy, and flowing. A main color, with a bit of retro boho feel, one noticeable pattern, with a full skirt or dress, or long cardigan, and simple shapes. I realized looking through these that I am not a big jewelry person — I like stud earrings, and maybe a good necklace now and then… but overall, these looks are relatively jewelry-free, or have only one piece of jewelry (other than my wedding ring). I like having a good two-tone color scheme, with colors that are close on the color wheel. And mostly, I prefer my hair down and naturally styled.

Having looked through my style archives, I now think the five words to describe my style would be: boho/retro, feminine, simple, flowing, and quirky. Going forward, I will refer back to this post to add pieces to my wardrobe; I still love the retro looks, but toned down. I think with every look, there has to be an element of practicality, especially as a mom! But mostly, I don’t like to look too perfect, too done. I like to have slightly messy hair, slightly undone makeup, slightly less-styled outfits… I don’t like perfection.

Also, I wear a lot of yellow. I think it might be my second-favorite color. Incidentally, these shoes are now on their way to me in the mail, and I cannot WAIT to get them!

So, what do you think? What helped you reach your current style? What five words describe you?

I hope you are all having a great Friday!

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Mom Style: Leggings Are(n’t) Pants

Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants |

So I was always firmly on the side of “leggings are not pants” argument. You can totally be more creative than that, I thought. Skirts are just as easy. Dresses are just one piece. Even jeans can be okay, when styled nicely. And for the longest time, I looked at girls who wore leggings for pants with a certain amount of fashion disdain. They were so not trying hard enough.

In my defense, most of the girls I see (except for bloggers) wearing leggings as pants tend to wear sheer leggings, leggings that are way too tight, and/or leggings that are just… not meant to be pants. I mean, I’ll be honest: I live in a town that really isn’t known for having a lot of style. Or class. There was a hostage situation at the Wal-Mart, for crying out loud. Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | www.eccentricowl.comMom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants |

So, you know. I was judgmental of most leggings-as-pants outfits I saw.

But then I got pregnant. And through pregnancy I only ever allowed myself to wear leggings as pants if I was sick and going nowhere. I would not, I vowed, be one of those moms who was totally lazy and didn’t get dressed in real clothes every day. I would totally not wear leggings out of the house as pants. That was the one vow of motherhood I made; I’ve never vowed my kid wouldn’t be “that kid” or I’d never do that one parenting thing you always swear you’ll never do… because I know kids, and kids will prove you wrong.

But leggings? Heaven forbid I ever wore those outside the house.

Enter Asa. And motherhood. And working from home. And having little reason to get out of yoga pants other than going grocery shopping — a reason that wasn’t always enough. Enter the life of tank tops and yoga pants being the normal daily outfit, because I needed to be comfortable enough to be sitting at work, or playing with Asa, and the top needed to be easy enough to breastfeed in. Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | www.eccentricowl.comMom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | And I bring you this outfit having broken my vow to never wear leggings as pants… because I’m a mom, and being a mom gives you the right to wear reasonably thick and non-sheer leggings as pants if you darn well please. Because right now, I’m in a style funk and simply getting out of yoga pant and tank-top territory is a triumph. Because it’s getting cold, but not cold enough for tights all day, and I want to be comfortable and cute at the same time.

And because… you know what, I like the way these look as pants.

To all you girls that I silently judged for wearing leggings… I’m sorry. Except… please don’t wear muffin-top-inducing, sheer, ripped, pilled, torn-at-the-crotch leggings as pants. Because even in the freedom of style, that’s just… not attractive. So do yourself a favor and get some leggings that fit and aren’t see-through. Your body will love you for it.Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | www.eccentricowl.comMom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | www.eccentricowl.comI took my outfit pictures all by myself today, using the nice lens that is harder to focus when one has no camera remote, and I’m pretty pleased with them, actually! This is another area I want to work on; I love having my husband take my pictures, but some days I know I won’t get them after he gets off work… and with outfits like this he usually looks at me funny and goes “you want pictures of that?” because he has more standards than I do about what I post on my blog.

But I’m very much about being realistic, and this is what I’m wearing today. So this is what I post. Mom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | www.eccentricowl.comMom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants | www.eccentricowl.comMom Style: Leggings Are(n't) Pants |

Blouse (similar) c/o Oasap | Leggings and cardigan, Target | boots, JC Penney | Flower crown, made.

And I just gotta say, taking your own pictures… I had forgotten how much work it is. I was sweating by the end. Seriously. It was not pretty.

I hope you are all having a lovely week! Happy Thursday!

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The End of Summer

913 Lately I have been thinking about restructuring  my blog, both posts and design and content. Now that I’ve sort of finally settled into a life routine, I would love to start scheduling posts and get a blog routine going, too. If you hadn’t noticed, there haven’t been many outfit posts lately because… well lots of reasons. But mostly because I haven’t been planning very well! I’ve really missed doing actual outfit posts — those remain my favorite.

But I’d like to  have a rotation of posts going — baby, DIY/food, makeup, weekly roundups/writing videos, and outfits — and right now I’m just trying to figure out what works best so far as scheduling goes.  5

Part of the blog reworking is that I’m trying really hard to pick and choose photos I post. It’s hard when my husband is such a great photographer, haha! But I get so set in the routine of always posting a certain amount of pictures with each post, and when I don’t have as many good ones to share, I realized I tend to try to make up for it by posting the ones that aren’t as good, too, to keep the posts all flowing the same.
61810 I also really want to redesign the blog. I want it to be simpler; I love the header I have now, but I think I want to do away with the scalloped edges, and perhaps change up the theme. I’ve always toyed with having someone else design my blog for me, but I just can’t afford it right now, and I enjoy doing it myself. 14 19 2017

Selective Potential and A Beautiful Mess both recently posted about getting dressed up every day, and they have inspired me to do the same! It was the perfect timing, since I just went through my closet and got rid of a ton of stuff I never wear, plus I’ve been lazy recently. One of the biggest reasons I haven’t been posting outfit photos is that during the week, my uniform has been yoga pants and a tank top. I tend to use the excuse that it’s just the easiest with nursing a baby, but really… I have a lot of non-lazy-clothes that work just fine with a baby! So yesterday was my first day of dressing up in a while (without having to go anywhere) and I basically wore the dress equivalent of yoga pants and a tank top.

But hey, it looks nice and I felt good about it, and that’s what counts, right? I’ve decided to treat my days as if I am still working in an office, and I have to wear actual clothes to work. Hopefully it will get me out of this funk I’ve been in where style is concerned!124

Cardigan (similar) c/o Oasap | belt and dress (Romy), thrifted | necklace, gift | boots, JC Penney

But I just realized that I am totally ready for fall and fall fashion! This is the first outfit that I’ve been inspired by in a long, long time, and it’s so fall-ish! I love it.

Are you all excited for fall? I cannot wait for baking pies, blackberry picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, tights, wool skirts, cool mornings… ah… yeah. Somewhere in the last week, I just got super happy that our weather is sort of turning into fall weather!

So, back on the topic of blog redesign, are there any posts you want to see that I didn’t mention? (Outfits, makeup/hair, DIY/Food, baby, weekly links/writing videos) I’ll be keeping the Saturday Sweets, which are Asa pictures, although I might turn those posts into parenting/general baby talk posts as well as pictures… and I know I really, really want to do more outfit pictures because I miss it. I don’t know that I will keep posting my photography. I love it, but it doesn’t quite flow with what I want my blog to be. So most likely, I’ll link to my Facebook Albums any time I’ve done a new session.

And, what blog designs do you like the most? I sort of know what I want to do, but I also want to make it visually appealing to you, because you’re the one who sees it the most!

Thank you for your help, in advance, and have a wonderful, wonderful Wednesday!

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