Sunday Sweets: Asa and Russell

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Asa: onesie and socks, Target | hat, homemade gift | jeans: handmedowns. Blanket, self-made.

Asa and his two-month-old cousin Russell, hanging out and being cute. As little boys do.

Happy Sunday!

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July 4th

Collage 11 3 4 6Food 1211 15Boys and their kids 21 22Little boys 27(Ladies, he’s single. In case you were wondering. I am a total matchmaker.) Collage 2(She doesn’t like fireworks.)28Handstand 31 35 36 3738Hudson and the Ball 46Point of no return 48Asa and Daddy 52 AheySAH 54 55We talked about how neither one of us likes fireworks. Collage 3 61My parents. This is their true nature. 62 63 Again… he’s single. This brother of mine. And he’s always happy. So, you know.  71 70 69

Just a few (or more than a few) snaps from 4th of July, which was like… forever ago. I know. I took a massive amount of pictures and got lazy about editing them. Oops!

Happy Friday!

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Sweet dreams…

1 So can we talk for a minute about how absolutely amazing my husband’s photography is? I had no idea what he was doing when he snapped the above picture, and then we got back and I saw it and… man. Gorgeous. Totally worth having to walk through some water and feel awkward posing for.

And this is also a good lesson in “pose even when it feels awkward” because I often feel silly doing poses, but they nearly always look good on camera. So, you know. That’s one of the tricks of the trade, actually; the husband was listening to a podcast with Tom Hanks, and he was explaining how most things you would do naturally don’t actually look natural on camera, so you have to tweak them. And then it feels unnatural, but to the camera’s eye it looks good. 95 This place is my favorite place ever! All of these sweet peas grow by the inlet close to where we live, and it’s just… dreamy. Sweet peas have always been one of my favorite flowers (truth be told, I pretty much look at any flower and go “Oh! That’s my favorite!” Any wildflower, anyway), and they are my birth month flower, so when we discovered that they grow rampant by the road not five minutes away, I was ecstatic! Every time we visit the beach, I pick a handful to bring back with me.  11Sweet Dreams The ones I’m standing in front of actually grow down a bank that is only accessible when the tide is super low — if the tide had been high, I’d have been in water about waist-deep. But we were fortunate enough that the tide had gone out enough to snap these!

Every time we go out for pictures, I just can’t get over the beauty of our neighborhood! I would love to live out here permanently, but my husband doesn’t really like being as far away from everything as we are. Mostly because his truck is a huge gas-guzzler, and we aren’t as close to his parents as we’d like. (We live with my parents, which is great!)
712 We are currently saving up for a house, and I hope that once we’ve got enough for down payments and such, we can find a place that is happily between both parents, and in a good area. I’ve always loved the area where I grew up, which is a farm/hill country, and my husband likes it too. So I’m hoping we can eventually find a farmhouse that needs fixing and have our own space.

Of course, my dreams might be a little high for a first home, but hey. At least we know what we want! It might be a few years before we own something, though.PicMonkey Collage 314 I think the hardest thing for me is actually putting money away to save up for it, though — I have to have automatic transfers so that I don’t have to think about the money at all, or I forget or feel like we don’t have the money for it at the time. It’s silly, because we definitely have the money to put away a good chunk every month, but something always comes up, you know?

I’ve just got to buckle down and set it aside, and not worry about needing it elsewhere. This weekend made me realize how much I really want my own house, though! Not because I’m tired of living with my parents, because I love them, but because it’s just… nice. To have your own space to decorate.

And also, I’m tired of living in dark/windowless rooms.8 PicMonkey Collage 1

Buying a house just seems so unattainable, though. It will happen someday, I know, but right now it’s just… such a far-fetched dream. We’re so blessed to be able to live with my parents so that we can save up easily!10

Dress and sandals, Target | belt, thrifted | headscarf, grandma’s

I hope you all had a good weekend! Thank you for your support about my grandma’s passing; her funeral was overflowing with people whose lives she had touched. It was amazing; my birth-grandma came (my dad was adopted) as well as all of her kids who are in state, and there were literally people flowing out the doors, the service was so full. It was a wonderful celebration of her life as a godly woman. I’ve never been to a funeral so full of joy — bittersweet joy, but joy nonetheless.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Six Months

Watermarked 6Asa Boo 1

Dear Asa Reuben,

Today, you are six months old! How did you get so big so fast? I still remember when you were an itsy bitsy baby, all curled up and old-man looking, and now look at you. It seems like just yesterday, you looked like this:

But now you’re huge.

Watermarked 8Asa Boo 2Watermarked 10And so, so full of personality! Little boy, you love to talk and I hope that never changes! Every morning, you wake me up with a cheerful “ba, ba, ba, ba” like a faithful little squishy alarm clock, and when you see me, you kick your feet, wave your arms, and give me the biggest open-mouthed grin I have ever seen.

Your cheeriness in the morning more than makes up for your crankiness when I put you down for afternoon naps.Watermarked 9 Watermarked 11

You have recently discovered your feet, and love to try to get your toes into your mouth. Most of the time, your  chub gets in the way. But occasionally you prevail!

You are a little water baby, and LOVE  baths. I’m pretty sure as soon as we have hot weather and a nice warm pool, you will love swimming, too. I’ve usually got water up my arms when we’re done with your three-inch baths, because boy do you know how to splash it high!

Watermarked 12 Watermarked 14Watermarked 13

Any time I set you down, the above is pretty much your standard thing.  You’re silly. The other day, while I was changing your diaper, you were tickling your own belly and giggling. And boy, let me tell you, you are ticklish anywhere you are chubby. Which is pretty much your whole body.

Even your BUTT is ticklish. (The things I discover while diaper-changing.)

Your chub gets you admiration everywhere we go, and people always adore you for your big grins and friendliness. Occasionally, strangers think you’re a girl because your eyes are so pretty. But that’s okay. You’ll grow out of it soon. Watermarked 15 Asa Boo 3

I sure do love you! I’m excited for you to get bigger and start talking, because I can guarantee you it will be hilarious, knowing the conversations your daddy and I have.

Watermarked 1

Onesie, Target | Blanket, self-made

I never ever imagined I would have a baby this cute.

Happy half-birthday, Asa Boo!



Sunday Sweets

10A and A 11 13

Just a few little snaps of Asa and his second-cousin Abigail on a sunny afternoon.

Aren’t they the cutest? I think they look like little tiny chubby old people.

Happy Sunday!

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