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I realize it is probably incredibly morbid to start off my loved links post with pictures of a dead owl, but uh… I found this guy in our driveway, and I was simultaneously saddened and fascinated, and as I mentioned before, I wanted to take it to a taxidermist. (We didn’t.) I thought it looked so mournfully beautiful laying there, I just had to take pictures.

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  • One of my friend was annoyed by this song, but now I can’t stop singing it. How do you feel about it?

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I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Saturday!

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Ladylike | www.eccentricowl.comLadylike | Right now, I am reading two books set in a Victorian-ish era– Behind the Shattered Glass, and Mansfield Park and Mummies. And then I’ve got four books waiting for me at the library, of varying eras. You guys. Four  books. All in all, that’s six books to read in five weeks. I didn’t really expect a few of the books I put on hold to actually come in so fast, but… here they all are! So you can expect a few book reviews/inspired outfits, because… books. So many of them.  Ladylike | I used to read all the time, and write all the time, but then all of the sudden I got too busy and I stopped, and it clogged up my creative flow as well. I sincerely believe that the greatest thing you can do as a writer is read. If you’re not feeding your brain what it craves – in my case, words – then how do you expect it to produce anything? I’m really enjoying my journey back into the world of books, and I loved getting so many suggestions on my last book review post! Thank you! If you guys have any other suggestions, let me know — but first, head over to my Goodreads profile to make sure you don’t suggest something I’ve read or plan to read. Ladylike | Today’s outfit was inspired by Katie’s simple and darling look… in that it’s just a sweater, a skirt, and some heels. I loved the simplicity of her outfit, and I seriously want that cat sweater… but I have nothing like that in my wardrobe, so out came my best red sweater to go with this skirt that is possibly my favorite.

Wait. Who am I kidding, all of my skirts that twirl are my favorites. Not going to lie, I have a serious twirly-skirt addiction. Ladylike | www.eccentricowl.comLadylike | It seems I just barely caught the perfect timing today in taking pictures; it was raining hard when I woke up, and then right as I got done, the rain came again. This is what fall is like in my area… rain and clouds. All the time. Well… most of the time. Plus, it’s dark at 7am now, and gets dark early. I love fall, but the two things I would wish away would be the less daylight, and how many spiders have invaded the house. Ladylike | Ladylike | Asa has been sick this week; he got what I had over the weekend, so now his nose is stuffy and he’s not napping very well. I hadn’t realized how much peace a 1-1/2 hour nap gave me during the day, even just one, until he started waking up after thirty  minutes. But he’s mostly happy, so it’s okay.

And he thinks that the nasal respirator is really funny, which is good; most babies hate those things. He just wants to chew on it, and have it blow air in his face. And when I wipe his nose with a tissue, he laughs. Ladylike |

Sweater, Forever 21 | skirt, vintage (similar) | brooch and booties, thrifted

Are you happy it’s Friday? I am. Tonight we have a birthday party to go to, and then tomorrow… who knows. In the drizzly cold weather like this, I just want to stay home and read books or watch movies. And right now, we’re pretty tight on money because I’m on a break from work, so we can’t really go many places.

I found this great list of cheap or free date night suggestions, though, so we’ll have to try some of those!

Happy Friday!

P.S. don’t forget to enter the cardigan giveaway!

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Win a comfortable cardigan!

Guess what guys? Remember that awesome cardigan I wore in this post? And that other one in this post? Well, Oasap is running an awesome giveaway right now featuring two that are super similar, and you could win one! That, or you can choose the other one, a gorgeous slouchy knit, from the three they’re currently running. I’m super excited about this because I think that of any cardigans I have ever gotten, Oasap has the best. They drape wonderfully, they’re cozy, they’re the perfect length, the perfect fit, and they’re always interesting and beautiful. I’m always keeping my eye out for new beautiful cardigans coming out on Oasap. I swear, my cardi collection will one day be half Oasap and half Modcloth. Oasap CArdigans

The Rules:

That’s it! Super easy! I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, the 25th, and you’ll be contacted to choose which one you like. You can check the box when you sign up for an account to say whether you’d like to receive emails or not, but seriously… Oasap has some pretty awesome stuff. Their emails are always full of fun things!

Please note: to make it easier to see how many qualified entrants there are, please only comment on this blog post; not on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks!

So, get to it, and good luck! You know you want one.

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Transitioning | www.eccentricowl.comTransitioning | www.eccentricowl.comTransitioning |

One of the reasons I try to blog every day is so that I actually get dressed every day. I’m not going to lie: if you don’t see a blog post, that means I’m spending the day in my yoga pants and this tee shirt. But recently, my husband jokingly said “One of these days, I’m going to throw away your yoga pants” and I realized it’s nice for him to see me actually dressed every day… and it’s good for me, too. Transitioning | When I’m dressed, I feel a little bit more motivated to do things around the house; tidy up, get dinner ready on time, be generally more productive… but sans real clothes, I just feel lazy. Like I’m sick and can bum around on the couch while Asa plays on the floor.

Transitioning |

Before the baby, I vowed I would never be a mom who got caught in the trap of comfy pants and boring tees every day; I would, I told myself, make the effort to get dressed even if I didn’t feel like it. Even if I gained a lot of weight, or was tired, or whatever reason I might get for not wanting to get dressed. For myself, for my husband, for my kids when they began to remember, I was going to be a well-dressed (but practically dressed) mom.

But then I had the baby, and for the first few weeks I really couldn’t wear anything else due to discomfort and general tiredness. And then it became routine. Get up, put on tee and yoga pants, go about my day, and before you know it, my husband is home and I haven’t even washed my face.Transitioning |

Transitioning | The problem with daily blogging, though, is that I don’t always have anything good to say to go along with a post.

So you might be seeing more blog posts with less words (and probably less pictures. I’ll admit, I’m a picture junkie. I think it has to do with being a photographer. That’s what we’ll pretend, anyway.) Unless you guys have subjects you want me to talk about. More stories of my past (which is not that crazy, but it’s interesting sometimes) or things I deal with in being a mom… I don’t know. Tell me something to blog about, and I’ll blog about it. Transitioning | www.eccentricowl.comTransitioning | In other news, I found a dead owl in the driveway, and now I am sad. I’ve never seen one outside of the zoo, so to find one prostrate on the pavement… sigh. Is it weird that part of me was like “Oh, I could take it to a taxidermist!”?

Yeah. I would totally love a taxidermy owl in my house. Not going to lie.Transitioning | Transitioning | Transitioning |

Vintage skirt, available here | shirt, belt, brooch, scarf, and shoes, thrifted | sunglasses, vintage | tights, Target

I hope you are all having a good week! So far it’s rained, it’s been hot, and it’s been misty, and I don’t even know how to get dressed most days. I’m borrowing from my Etsy shop as you can see, because I love this skirt and I wish it fit me perfectly. But my hips are just slightly too wide for it– if yours are less than 42″, it would be perfect on you.

Happy Thursday!

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