Faith and fashion blogging

Faith and fashion blogging | Faith and fashion blogging |

A long while ago, I mentioned on social media that I wanted to know whether people would be curious or receptive to my writing about my faith on my blog. I had realized then that I never verbalize what I believe, what I disagree with, or really what moral standards I live my life by other than to perhaps in passing say that I am a Christian. The response to my question was overwhelmingly “yes, please share!” even by people whom I know do not share my beliefs, so I wrote a post about faith… and never published it.

Then more recently, on my personal Facebook, I wrote a long status about why I have an issue with a certain well-known and very controversial-subject-pusher religious blogger that many of my friends tend to share and agree with, and it was then that I realized why I rarely (if ever) vocalize more on my faith on social media. I don’t tend to write controversial or even personal blog posts on highly debated topics of faith, what I do and don’t believe, what I can condone and what I believe is right or wrong. I don’t know that I have ever once mentioned these things in detail publicly, in all honesty, and for a while I thought perhaps I was a “bad” Christian for not utilizing my small space of internet to highlight more of what I believe. So many bloggers who affiliate with the Christian faith do write a lot about what they think on the right-or-wrong topics of today, and for me to stay out of it felt, on a peer-pressure level, like I wasn’t doing my part. Faith and fashion blogging |

But after I penned my thoughts about that certain blogger, more specifically how I believed that blogger went against everything that is said about a wise man in Proverbs — which I have been reading lately — I realized that it was okay. It was okay if I didn’t jump in with my opinion on the Josh Duggar scandals, or whether it’s better to be pro-life or pro-choice, or if I identify as a feminist or not. It was okay if I was reluctant to write my views on divorce or abortion or the LGBTQ community (the three things I see that seem to be the most bashed thing from Christians) into a blog post that would be out there for everyone to have a reaction to. It’s totally okay to keep my thoughts to myself when I see internet debates about whether it’s immodest to wear leggings or show cleavage or paint your nails red (seriously, guys, I have seen that last one happen.)

And it’s not because I am afraid to share what I believe with anyone that I tend to not write about these things. Yes, I would be reluctant to be the fodder for an angry debate or an irate response from either side should I voice what I think in public media. I don’t like angry people, I don’t like being the target of negativity, and I don’t like making people upset. But were I to be asked directly and privately, I would not dodge the question. My blogging friends who have brought up “controversial” subjects with me in personal conversations know that to be true.

Faith and fashion blogging | Faith and fashion blogging |

But there is a very important aspect to sharing my beliefs that I think is completely lost when writing a blog post about something that not everyone will agree with. And that is the fact that you cannot have any real personal connection or understanding when it’s all just in a blog post. There’s no person-to-person dialogue when it’s a spillage of words onto the internet, regardless of how kindly or clearly things are said. There’s no way to clarify a point that came across in a way you did not mean. And, more importantly, not everyone needs to know what I think on these subjects that the world loves to argue about.

Why not? Well, for one thing, I’ll go back to Proverbs. In my readings, I’ve been writing down everything the Bible says about a wise man. And a few of the points about a wise man (or woman) is that their paths are pleasant and peaceful, they speak in a way that is a light to those around them, they possess prudence and discretion, they don’t stir up conflict, and they speak to those who are ready to listen. And I’m not saying that sometimes action that might stir someone up isn’t necessary — because hey, Jesus whipped people, y’all — or that it’s always going to be the good life with no conflict or hardships.

But for me, I don’t think writing controversial blog posts is the way to go about sharing what I believe in regards to many things that I see other bloggers writing about. And again, not that I think they are always wrong in writing about what they think — some bloggers write in awesome ways that avoid bashing, hate, condescension, and ridicule. But it’s hard. It’s hard to make that post personal and loving and understandable when there’s no conversation going on before and after and during those words.

Faith and fashion blogging |

So instead of writing about many aspects of my faith that prove hard to share without coming off as too judgmental or too tolerant or too goody-two-shoes or too passive, I’ll tell you what I really want you to know about what I believe.

I associate with Jesus. Not with Jesus Freaks. I believe in compassion and understanding, like the Jesus who loved on those people that nobody else would, healed the ones that no one else would touch, helped those who literally could not help themselves. I believe in second chances, just as He gave to the woman who had multiple affairs or the woman that all the religious people wanted to stone. I believe in seeing people as equals around me, just as He didn’t hold Himself in higher regard than anyone else, but in fact gave Himself up for a position that was the lowest of low, saved for the worst of men in His death. I believe in making friends, not stirring up enemies. I believe in sticking to my faith and not beating around the bush, as He did with those who thought they were so, so good and perfect but were really every bit in need of Him as those they thought to be beneath them.

Faith and fashion blogging |

Shirt, belt, and skirt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth

But most of all, I believe in being a person that anyone — no matter what they think or how they live — could come to openly and not be afraid of what I might think of them. And none of this means that I am wishy-washy or won’t stand by what I believe when it comes down to it. This doesn’t mean that I am a pushover faith-wise, or that I don’t have standards of right and wrong.

I believe that being a woman of faith, Jesus-like, if you will, is being someone approachable and careful with words. Someone who doesn’t just spout religious propaganda at everyone they think is wrong.  Someone who truly loves people. ALL people. No matter what their personal beliefs, past actions, or sexual orientation.

After all, John 3:16 doesn’t say Christ died for just the ones who followed the ten commandments and lived sin-free lives. It says He died for the world. He loved the world. Everyone. Everyone who ever lived, past, present, and future.

And that is the essence of why I don’t often blog about my faith. Because to share that love, whether it means compassion for someone is hurting or perhaps a hard truth for someone who needs to hear it, I need personal connection. I need to be able to express my friendship for them above all opposing beliefs and lifestyles, so that they know I’m not trying to judge or condemn them if they think they’re doing something I don’t agree with. Because I never am. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else just because I’m a Christian and they’re not, or I don’t do something they think is okay, or I tend towards more modest cuts and they prefer shorter hemlines. Truly and honestly, I don’t care about any of that. I care about the person. And I really can’t embody all of that in a blog post.

So, if you’re ever curious about my opinion on something that might seem controversial, ask me and I will do my best to answer. But I won’t do it publicly; I’ll email you, or Facebook message, or meet up for coffee, because I want to make sure you know that my personal faith has nothing to do with who you are, and I want to create open conversations that make both of us think about why we believe what we believe. And most of all, I want to show love in all that I say and do.


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Too pretty to wear

Too pretty to wear |

Happy first day of October! In true Washington form, this morning was foggy and full of very fall-like weather, and I thought these photos were a perfect induction into fall style. This dress is one that I might soon be selling on Etsy (along with a few other goodies I’ve found or finally photographed on a model to show them off better!), but for the moment I had to wear it at least once.

Too pretty to wear |

Too pretty to wear |

Recently, my mom made me some super pretty washcloths, and someone commented that they were far too pretty to use, which got me thinking. Often, the same thing is said about vintage clothing or just clothing that seems too “fancy” for wearing. And I wondered… why? Sure, there is the question of practicality in an outfit — is it going to hold up throughout the day, can I bend/sit/work in this, am I constantly going to worry that my kid will smear peanut butter on my skirt, etc… but at the same time, why leave so many good garments in a closet to hang and never be seen or worn? We don’t want to ruin a pretty dress, but what good is it going to do in the closet?

Too pretty to wear |

So I’ve been challenging myself lately to get dressed in something that I love, maybe something that’s a little bit fancier than I’d usually choose (which isn’t hard, given that I’ve been living in my husband’s flannel pajama pants lately), and to not worry about whether Asa gets food on it or Evie might burp up on it. Because the thing is, most of my closet is machine-washable anyway — I tend to gravitate towards vintage made from washable fabrics — and my clothes are doing no good tucked away to never be worn.

Too pretty to wear | Too pretty to wear |

And if this dress was breastfeeding friendly, you can bet I would be keeping it to wear, even though it IS lace and velvet. Maybe I’d keep it for special occasions or weekly date nights with my husband, but I would for sure be pulling it out to wear all the time!

Too pretty to wear |

Dress, vintage | flats, Target | flower crown, self-made

And on our date nights, I’ve been making more of an effort to dress up even if all we do is go to a movie or a casual restaurant. Because why not be dressed to the nines for a date? It certainly makes things feel more special!

Do you hoard away pretty things never to be worn, or do you make an effort to put on those fancy garments routinely?

I hope you’re all having a good week!



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Retro swing skirt and motherhood

Retro swing skirt and motherhood |   Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

I am back! And feeling pretty good! The last time I updated you, I was dealing with some heavy postpartum blues. I’m glad to report that those have, for the most part, gone away and I now only deal with a rare pang of sadness that Asa is growing up so fast. Which was bound to happen anyway. Otherwise, we are surviving far better than I had expected, especially given the issues of Evie’s first two weeks of life. I think getting back into our normal routine helped Asa and I both tremendously — he went back to sleeping and eating as normal, and I went back to feeling more my happy self.

Thank you to all of the beautiful ladies who guest-posted while I took some leave of blogging; reading all of the varied posts from my talented blogger friends inspired me so much, and I hope all of you enjoyed the posts as much as I did!

Retro swing skirt and motherhood | Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

I also want to thank everyone who sent me messages and comments to check in with how I was doing; I am always so uplifted by how caring and supportive the blogging community is! After having about a month off wearing outfits and taking pictures, I feel really inspired to get back into the swing of things and make more of an effort to actually wear real clothes every day. I read this post from Kara on the flaw of thinking that marriage and children mean a woman no longer dresses up, and I totally agree. While I don’t always have time daily to get dressed up to the fullest (which means I have my makeup done and shoes on), it inspired me to take five minutes to at least put on a dress I like, and get my hair in working order every day.

Because it’s good to take care of yourself, too!

Retro swing skirt and motherhood | Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

It especially helps me on the days when I do still wake up a bit sad or tired, to feel a lot more ready for the day when I’m wearing something other than yoga pants (or let’s be honest: my husband’s pajama pants, because they’re wayyy too comfortable) and an old tee. A pretty dress or skirt really does change how I feel about the day!

Right now, I’m working on finding practical ways to wear pretty things, since I have to breastfeed and deal with a messy toddler all day. Thankfully, most of my closet is washable — I avoid dry clean only like the plague! — and even the vintage I have amassed is durable. The only caveat is finding nursing-friendly tops. Buttons, zips, and stretchiness are my best friends right now!

Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

shirt, shoes, scarf, belt, and brooch, thrifted | skirt, gift/vintage | glasses, c/o Firmoo

I hope you have all had a great week!

Any fun plans for the weekend?


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Guest Post: Vicki, Vicki Grace

Vicki is a fellow Washingtonian blogger, and one whose style I just adore! She’s such a gorgeous, sweet girl and I’m so happy she volunteered to guest post for me while I adjust to having two kids! Be sure to visit her blog for more loveliness!

Hi everyone! I’m Vicki, of the blog Vicki Grace, and I’m here filling in for Kristina while she’s away on her maternity leave. I’m so excited for her and baby Evangeline Rose, who is just the sweetest little girl I’ve ever seen–those chubby cheeks are just too much! 

Anyway, in honor of the new baby girl, I had initially wanted to do some kind of girly craft, but the past few months have just been so busy that I ran out of time! So I decided to showcase some of my recent thrifting finds in an outfit, since I’m sure if Evangeline is anything like her mama, she will have some amazing thrifting skills!

I haven’t always been interested in fashion…all you have to do to see that is look at pictures from my middle school and early high school years, with my boyish hair cut and standard uniform of jeans and a graphic tee. I don’t think I actually started to care about what I wore until I was about fifteen, and I’m still not entirely sure what inspired that change, but it also coincided with the time that I discovered fashion blogs, particularly a few that showcased thrifted or DIY style. I had always liked thrifting–it was a weekly tradition in my family to visit our local Value Village or Goodwill. Anyway, it was a good way to fuel my new-found obsession with fashion without hurting my wallet (too much). And over the years I’ve become a better thrifter–it used to be that I would grab everything “cute” off the racks and buy it (even more so if it had a sale tag), without considering its versatility and fit, but now, I ask myself a series of questions before buying something–how often will I wear it? is it flattering? can I wear it more than one way?

//shirt: target / skirt, belt, sandals, purse: thrifted//

Aside from the t-shirt, this outfit is entirely thrifted, even down to the purse. I’ve been lookiing for a skirt like this one for ages now, and I found the perfect one when I went thrifting with my auntie a few weeks ago. It had buttons, pockets (!!), and belt loops–so, so cute. I snatched it and told myself I’d get it regardless of whether it fit. I think it’s really cute worn as a casual skirt, with t-shirts, and I’m also looking forward to styling it for fall with tights and booties. Ooh, and sweaters. :)
Anyway, thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog, Kristina! And congratulations on the new baby!