The Diggs Wedding

The Diggs Wedding | Storybook Photography

I decided to launch the official Storybook Photography website today! Mainly because it was all finished up and I have a wedding shoot to share, and… really, I didn’t see any reason to wait. I’m working on figuring out what licensing I need (if any, I’ve read that if it’s more of a hobby than a fulltime job, you can just add earned income to your taxes under “other income.” And I don’t plan to make it a fulltime thing, so… photographers, help me out?)

Anyway! This was our first wedding, and it was way less scary than I though it would be. The Diggs were super laid back and just happy to have us there, and since it was a very small wedding (under 50 guests, in a house), there wasn’t a lot of pressure to be running around all the time.

The Diggs Wedding | Storybook Photography The Diggs Wedding | Storybook Photography The Diggs Wedding | Storybook PhotographyIt was such a beautiful wedding; so many of the elements were handmade, and everything had a personal touch!

The Diggs Wedding | Storybook Photography The Diggs Wedding | Storybook PhotographyThe Diggs Wedding | Storybook PhotographyThe Diggs Wedding | Storybook Photography The Diggs Wedding | Storybook Photography

You can see the full shoot here. Nate and Rosanna were blending their little families together — each of them has a son — and they wanted to give their boys an event to remember so that they could really understand what was happening. It was so sweet!

So from now on, I’ll be sharing very short clips of my favorite photoshoots with a link over to Storybook Photography for the full thing. If you follow my Storybook Photography Facebook page, you will get links there as well!

Happy Tuesday!


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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately! This second pregnancy seems much harder to me than the first one was. I’ve been madly nauseated for about three weeks now, and some days even throwing up — which always made me feel better with Asa — doesn’t help. So most weekends we don’t take outfit pictures, because I’m too sick (or it rains too much), and at this point I don’t even care to get dressed most days. It doesn’t help that this time around I also feel more fat than pregnant, and nothing I have with me right now really fits.

We are moving back in with my parents at the end of this month, though, and I am looking forward to that. Having my mom around all day will be incredibly helpful for the rest of the first trimester, especially.

I do have a few things I am working on, though! Once we move back to my parents, I plan to do a huge closet cleanout and I’m thinking about listing the clothing I plan to get rid of for either a flat everything-goes-for-one-price, or a pay-what-you-want-to price. My items on Etsy will most likely go into this pile; it’s been almost four months with no sales (lots of favorites, though), and I have to evaluate whether it’s worth it to stay on Etsy and list more, or go back to Storenvy, where listing was free.

I’m also working on an official Storybook Photography website! This year already I’ve booked at least six photoshoots, two of which are weddings (well, I did one already) and I think it’s time I set up as an official business. So, I’m figuring out what licensing I need, setting up an official site that will have its own blog for my photography, creating portfolios of my work, and gearing up to make Storybook Photography more than just a hobby. My husband and I are planning to work as a team on this, and we’re both pretty excited about it!

Other than that, though, I plan to rest a lot until I start feeling better. I’ll be honest: right now, I hate being pregnant. Last time, my nausea was limited to afternoons on workdays, and I was nowhere near this tired… and the baby bump felt much more like a baby bump. Also, I could eat pretty much anything except for peanut butter and bread. This time, almost all foods make me nauseous except for fruits and potato chips, I’m sick all day long no matter what, and I’ve already gained about ten pounds.

I definitely feel like complaining about it a lot. But I’m trying to stay positive: the second trimester is three weeks away, and hopefully by then I’ll be feeling better!

Until then, though, I may only post very sporadically. But don’t worry: I’m still alive, and not planning on quitting the blog any time soon!

I hope you are all doing well!


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One Year Old

One Year Old | www.eccentricowl.comOne Year Old | www.eccentricowl.comOne Year Old | Dear Asa,

Today you are one year old. It’s hard to believe that a year ago today, you were just an itty bitty 8 pound baby, and now here you sit a solid 25. You can stand by yourself, you chat with me and daddy and grandma and pretty much everyone (or yourself, if nobody is around) and it’s very rare that you aren’t making some sort of noise while you’re awake. You just recently learned how to play peekaboo, after a week or so of my moving your hands for you, and now it has turned into a hilarious game of you smushing and slapping your own face to get a reaction out of us.

You love to make people laugh — you just really love people, and attention (and cake), and if you’ve realized something will make us smile, you’ll do it over and over again. When you realized that your newfound fake-laughing skills would get everyone in the room to look at you, you spent the entire night in fake-laughter, thrilled that we all chimed in every time you did it. I’m pretty sure you do things just to see if we will do them too — you often repeat actions until I copy you, and then you laugh, satisfied.

A lot of people think you’re pretty clever for just being a year old, and even though daddy and I like to tease that you’re pretty dumb, I think you are a very smart baby. You know how to high-five, wave goodbye, and do that thing little kids do when they’re pretending to be indians; you’ve figured out that the pocket doors slide open, and you know that the bathroom door doesn’t latch all the way. You know what “no” means, and often stand with your hand hovering right over the thing you know you’re not supposed to touch, alternately looking at me and grunting “uh!” and shaking your head as you pretend you might touch it (but you rarely do.) You immediately figure out which button to push to turn things on — from your toys to the phone to daddy’s back massager — and nothing is safe from your exploring little fingers now. You also know that I’m “mama”, and your daddy is “dada” and I think you might be catching on to grandma, too, because sometimes when I talk about her you repeat “ah-ma! ah-ma!”

Whenever there is music playing, you will dance for it, especially if it’s the theme song to your favorite cartoons. As soon as we play Sesame Street, Peg + Cat, or Curious George, the biggest grin comes over your face and you start to sway and shake your head. Or, if you’re standing, you bounce your knees up and down and shimmy your shoulders.

You’ve always been a happy boy, from the time you were born, and I’m so thankful for you. Even people who have never met you adore you; strangers in the store always stop to tell you how cute you are, eliciting a smile and a newly-shy reaction as your cheeks dimple and you reach to make sure I’m still right there. Many people grocery shopping have stopped me to say you made their day with your grins and waves. I won’t even hide that I’m pretty proud to have such a funny, cute, friendly boy.

Right now, your favorite toys aren’t actually toys — you are obsessed with your snack container lids, and have at least five of them stashed around the house. You’ll often crawl around with one in each hand, clacking them on the kitchen floor to make noise. You are also obsessed with binkies, and will sit for a solid five minutes switching from one to the other until you finally decide which pacifier suits you at the moment. And if there happens to be a ceiling fan anywhere in the house, you will sit and stare at it for hours, content to watch the rotating as it whirls above you. Sometimes, you shake your head while you watch, as if you are trying to spin, too. And you love noisemakers — the vacuum, the flushing of the toilet, the dishwasher. You always follow the vacuum around when it’s on.

You also really love bath time, and you always have. The bathroom is your favorite room in the house, because the bathroom means taking a bath. If anyone goes in there, you always try to follow them, and if you succeed you go straight for the tub, standing at its edge, vocalizing, pounding the side, and stretching up onto your toes to reach the bottles of shampoo, the cup we use to rinse your head, and the rubber ducky we distract you with. I am pretty sure you would live in the bathtub if we let you.

Most of all, though, you really love soft things — stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, rugs and carpet, and even balls of yarn — and if you are sleepy you will immediately find the first soft thing there is and faceplant on it. You rub your face in anything cozy, and you smile and kick your feet with contentment. I think it’s pretty cute. You also love to cuddle with me, and sometimes with daddy, especially when you’re tired. You’ve learned to give hugs, sometimes, but only to certain people. (me.)

I am so excited for you to be a big brother, because you love other babies, especially girls. You like to hold their hands and touch their faces, and occasionally pull their hair; you might be just like your daddy in that respect. He liked to bug little girls, and I think you will, too. Your little brother or sister is going to have such a good sibling to look up to and take care of him or her!

What else can I say about you, little boy? You’re growing up so fast, and it’s bittersweet. I miss the days when you were just a few days old, so new and fresh and cuddly, but I love seeing you grow up and learn new things. I can’t wait for you to talk, but I don’t want to let go of your babyhood just yet. I can see it slipping away already as you learn who people are, as you become more aware of your surroundings, clinging to my arms or my legs or putting you head on my chest when you’re unsure of people and new houses, reaching out for your grandmas (you love them both a lot!) as soon as you see them, laughing excitedly as you greet daddy when he comes through the door at the end of the day.

You are a joy, Asa Reuben. You always have been, and you always will be.

I will love you forever.


Your Mama.

Asa  Back on the day you were born, and already stealing hearts.

Asa’s First Birthday Party

Asa's First Birthday Party | www.eccentricowl.comAsa's First Birthday Party | On Sunday, we threw a birthday party for Asa (although he won’t officially be one until tomorrow), and it was so. much. fun. It was a Dr. Seuss themed party, and I had a ton of fun creating a menu of appetizers that were taken from the pages of Seuss books. We had Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes, green eggs and ham (deviled eggs with green filling, and ham rollups), Skipper Zipp’s Chips, Fritz and Fred food (little smokies and pickles), and multi-colored goldfish, with Pink Yink Drink (pink lemonade) to drink. It was seriously the easiest party ever to plan; all of the foods were super easy to make or buy, and all the decoration I needed were a few signs, some (homemade) Truffula trees, and all the Dr. Seuss books and animals we have already laying around.Asa's First Birthday Party | Asa's First Birthday Party | I did feel badly though; I found the little signs for the foods in Google Images, and after I saved and printed them I discovered they’re actually from an Etsy shop and weren’t “free” as said by the link I found them. So if you want these labels, get them here! They’re super affordable and adorable!Asa's First Birthday Party |  Asa's First Birthday Party | My mom and I made the Truffula trees from old wrapping paper tubes, two packs of 8-sheet tissue paper, and lots of paint. They were the easiest thing to whip up, and they turned out so, so cute! I would have made more if I hadn’t been feeling sick, and also if we hadn’t run out of hot glue. I also made (with the help of my husband) a cardboard cupcake stand following this tutorial, with circles cut from old cardboard boxes using different-sized bowls as guides. After it was all glued together, I painted the different layers red and blue to match the rest of the decor. It didn’t stick together quite as well as expected, but it wasn’t going to be moved much so I didn’t care. It was also crooked, but the crooked-ness fit the Dr Seuss-ness of the party, so… that didn’t matter, either! Asa's First Birthday Party | Asa's First Birthday Party | www.eccentricowl.comAnd for his cake, I took some inspiration from this cake, and used… basically a toothpick and my fingers to get the desired effect. All of the cupcakes and the cake were just cake mix and storebought frosting — I didn’t feel well enough to make cake and frosting from scratch, although I would have loved to. We gave Asa the top layer of the cake to dive into, and… well, you can see from the pictures (and the video at the end) — he LOVED it.  Asa's First Birthday Party | Asa's First Birthday Party |  Asa's First Birthday Party | Asa's First Birthday Party |

He hammed it up the entire time he was eating his cake (after getting over his initial confusion at the Happy Birthday song), and had no qualms getting as messy as possible.  This kid. I know he’s mine, but I think he’s like… the cutest kid on the planet. Asa's First Birthday Party | And then came the gifts! I made a little sign so people would know where to drop them (I always hate walking into a party and not knowing what to do with the gift I brought!) and we got to dig right in. Asa hasn’t quite gotten the concept of ripping paper yet, so it took some encouragement for him to actually unwrap things, but he was always happy to see what was in the bags and boxes! Asa's First Birthday Party | Asa's First Birthday Party | He especially loved the gifts that contained clothes — I think because he could pull out item after item, which is his favorite thing to do right now. He will literally empty every box and basket in the house at this stage, for reasons only known in his little baby brain. Asa's First Birthday Party | He also loved pulling tissue paper out of bags, probably for the same reason he likes to empty all containers.  Asa's First Birthday Party | And then, the cutest hat ever happened.

My mom made him the most amazing rainbow-colored elf hat, and I cannot get over it! He continually tries to rip it off, but hey. We got one picture!

Overall, it was pretty much the perfect party! Everything turned out exactly how I’d hoped it would; Asa was satisfyingly goofy and messy with his cake, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and we got to visit with a ton of people that we love!

And tomorrow, for real, my first baby will be a full year old. I don’t know how I feel about this.


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Pinkish | This last week has been a crazy busy one because we were planning Asa’s first birthday party (pictures coming tomorrow!) and as a result my husband and I didn’t ever get a chance to grab outfit shots over the weekend. Not that I really dressed up much. I have basically been wearing the same dress all week (thank you, all-day pregnancy sickness and laziness…)

But I did make one effort today to up my style game… and it failed miserably. Before I go back to dark brown, I wanted to try one crazy color in my bleached-over hair. I had thought I would do purple, but after Googling a certain color brand and seeing this picture, I decided pink would better suit me. I was pretty hopeful after how well red worked, but the color I chose said not to use developer (which has bleach in it), so we didn’t.Pinkish | But, as you can see, it didn’t really take. My hair is now about four different colors — pink, peach, red, brown — and I don’t know if this is due to pregnancy, the color that was already in it, or what. Who knows. I really don’t care that much; at this point, my hair has been so worked over that I’m ready to take it to the chopper’s, get a new haircut, and darken out all the colors. And possibly use this as inspiration for the cut. Even though I really, really am reluctant to cut off any length; the ends are so shot, it really needs a good working-over to trim out all the dead, fried stuff.  Pinkish | Pinkish | But I should consider myself lucky; after 10 years of messing around with my hair, this is the first real “disaster” (if it can be counted as a disaster) that has happened, and it’s really not that bad. In real life, the color variance isn’t quite as noticeable, and when it’s piled up in a bun I actually kind of like it. Pinkish | Dress, thrifted | scarf and brooch, c/o Oasap | shoes, Modcloth | glasses, c/o Firmoo

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as much! Pregnancy and all that. I’m getting past the bad phase, but I’m still pretty tired most days and I’m looking forward to the second trimester and having more energy.

What have you all been up to? Happy Monday!


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(update: after going back to the mirror, I realized that for some reason, the camera captured my hair SO badly. Here’s a better depiction of the pink, and I like it much more after inspecting it further. )1982329_10155128019210387_8663298152415611524_n

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