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Lately I have been considering adding motherhood style posts to my blog, but it never quite feels right when I start up a post. It’s funny to say that mom-blogger type posts wouldn’t really fit considering this blog didn’t start out as a fashion blog at all (thus, anything can happen, right?) but I think I have a definite “brand” with Eccentric Owl. Mommy blogger isn’t really that brand. And being that I have the tendency to want my written things to be super organized — blogging included — I just didn’t like the idea of combining fashion with lifestyle, as much as people have encourage and requested the addition of life posts.

But this morning as I was chatting with my best friend Sarah, we realized that we both really wanted to share our lifestyle photography and write about motherhood, and she suggested we collaborate.

Retro Princess Leia  |

Thus, a new blog was born and I am so excited! So excited that, in fact, my first post is already up and we only just started today.

If you’re interested in my life aside from the fashion, visit Thicket & Thorn. We decided on the name because I live in a very forested place, and she lives in a desert place. Her trees have thorns, mine grow in thickets. It works, right?

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I am incredibly excited about Thicket & Thorn; this blog, I feel, is where I am generally lighthearted and fun, which is usually how I am on a day-to-day basis. But I don’t always talk about the ins and outs of motherhood, because that’s just not the “feel” of this blog. I posted a little bit on Postpartum Depression, and every once in a while I discuss mom life. Overall, though, I like this place to be happy, carefree, and focused on how to wear pretty clothes while still being practical.

And since I also post book reviews, I think that’s enough for one blog.

Retro Princess Leia  | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Princess Leia  |

My voice may be a little different at Thicket & Thorn; I will probably discuss things that are more serious, and write in the “mom voice.” Perhaps it’ll be more formal writing, because I feel like it should be. Not quite the rambling, random, whatever-is-in-my-head writing that goes here.


Retro Princess Leia  | Retro Princess Leia  | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Princess Leia  |

Top, Target | everything else, thrifted

Hopefully those of you interested will enjoy it! (And don’t worry, it’s not going to affect my posting here at all, so if mom life isn’t your thing and you just wanna see fashion, you’ll still get the same posts on Eccentric Owl.)

Side note, I was going for retro Princess Leia with this hair, but my husband told me it just looks Anime. Which, you know, that’s not bad either.

Happy Monday!


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28 | Outfit

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

It’s my birthday!

I always thought that I would feel older as I got closer to thirty, but it still surprises me when I realize that I’m only two years from the big 3-0. I’m not one to worry about age; I look forward to having years and years behind me, to holding hands with my husband when we have fifty years behind us, to having gray hair (if I ever get over this pink hair, that is) and wrinkles and just… living life. Of course I hope to look younger than my years as long as I can, but I’m not afraid of getting older.

Age, I think, is what you make of it, and while in some ways I feel more mature — two kids! what! — I mostly feel 21 at heart. I started this blog when I was almost 21, which seems insane. Nearly eight years of blogging behind me? Not all of it is up any longer, thanks to transferring posts and losing a few, but still. Eight years feels like a really long time to me.

28 | Outfit

Eight years ago I wasn’t even thinking about fashion blogging; this was a space solely for thoughts, and I didn’t think I was skinny enough or stylish enough to post pictures of my outfits online. Today, I know that style doesn’t depend on body type or weight; I’m at my heaviest, yet feel most confident. Sure, I am working to be healthier and lose a few pounds, but I have figured out how to dress my body in a way that makes me feel great, and I don’t rely on looking thinner to make me feel good.

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

I have read and heard that many women hit their stride in their thirties, and I feel like that may be true; I feel like I’m just beginning to hit my stride as I move closer to that age. I hope at thirty I will be healthier, stronger, and better all around, but only time can tell!

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

Today I started a challenge for myself to walk 10k steps a day for thirty days as a way to jump-start myself into a healthy new year. I prefer making resolutions or goals on birthdays rather than at the start of a new year; it’s my own personal new age to be the best I can be, and I like celebrating being a year older by working towards being a better self.

I am hoping I can hit that goal; I took a 3.5 mile walk (8k steps) today, and now have a blister on one foot from who knows what. I’m going to press on and hope band-aids help, but if you guys have any suggestions they’d be appreciated. And, you can follow my walks on Snapchat (@eccentricowl), join me on instagram (@eccentricowlblog) or just, you know, stalk me.

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

Dress, New Old Fashion Vintage | headscarf, shoes, and belt, thrifted

And while we’re talking about social media, go like my Facebook page! I would really love to hit or break the 500 mark soon! (Birthday wish?) I am sharing a few throwback photos of me there today, so, you know.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!


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The Key to the Tardis | Outfit

The Key to the Tardis | www.eccentricowl.comThe Key to the Tardis |

I have been trying not to repeat any items in my outfits this month, but I finally broke down to re-wear my Tardis skirt (see the first styling here) and this key blouse (styled just a few days ago here) because my husband wore his Dalek bow tie to church and I had to wear Doctor Who. HAD to. Plus, I am getting to the things in my closet that this all dress/skirt and blog daily experiment has made me realize: I don’t like, I can’t fit, or I just don’t reach for that often.

I’m inspired to make a few more cute skirts from the stockpile of fabric I have, and to go find more blouses to wear now that I have these three new ones that I LOVE.

The Key to the Tardis |

And it’s also made me realize how much blue I wear, unintentionally. Yellow and red are my favorite colors, closely followed by orange, green, and pink, and I never would have claimed to wear a lot of blue… yet here it is the 24th and so far 12 of my 18 outfits have had blue in them.

The Key to the Tardis |

I really like that this blouse compliments the skirt and also is a little nod to the key to the TARDIS. Anything that ties into my nerdy garb is an instant yes with me!

The Key to the Tardis | The Key to the Tardis | www.eccentricowl.comThe Key to the Tardis |

shirt, thrifted, same (in different patterns) here  | Skirt, self made (get yours here) | shoes, thrifted | headscarf, self-made

Are there colors you find yourself wearing over and over again? Is it your favorite color, or just one you seem to have a lot of in your closet?

Happy Sunday!


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My Workspace | Home

My Workspace | www.eccentricowl.comMy Workspace |

Today I thought it might be fun to try another indoor shoot and share my new workspace with you all!

We have a really small house, so this little desk is shoved into the corner beside our bookcase, while my husband also has a desk on the other side of the living room. In between is the TV stand, a papasan chair, the couch, a blanket chest that doubles as our coffee table, and a whole lotta kid toys. The rest of the room isn’t quite decorated how I would like it, but at least my desk space looks pretty! My Workspace | www.eccentricowl.comMy Workspace |

This desk belonged to my grandma (the one whose birthday I shared), so it feels very special to have a part of her home belong to me now. After she died, the desk — originally a vanity, hence why my legs don’t fit underneath in a normal chair — went to my parents, but they didn’t really need another desk. Once it came to me, I painted it minty green to give it a little new life and make it more “me”, and now it serves as my blogging and writing space, a shelf for my to-read pile, and storage for things like chocolate-covered pretzels. My Workspace | www.eccentricowl.comMy Workspace |

As you can see, our ever-growing display of Lord of the Rings paraphernalia is kind of taking over. You can’t even see the shelf on our bookcase that is solely dedicated to Tolkien tomes. Bilbo will eventually be hung on the wall, but the back of his frame is broken and falls out, so for now he rests on the desk while Gandalf gives me his most menacing stare. Both posters were shot so that their eyes follow you everywhere, which is… kind of creepy, I’ll be honest.

My Workspace |

On the desk, my to-read pie includes The Fellowship of The Ring — for our podcast which you should listen to here –, Gracie’s Song, which Michelle Schlicher — the author — sent to me graciously for review (I’m working on it, Michelle!), A Great and Terrible Beauty which I chose solely for the cover while browsing a thrift store (I can’t say  no to 75 cent books set in Victorian times and including fantasy/fairytale elements), and The Matters at Mansfield which I also found while thrifting. I also have Shiver and The Jane Austen Book Club to finish (and start, in the case of the latter). My Workspace |

Blouse, thrifted but same style/cut available here | skirt, self-made (order one for yourself here) | shoes, thrifted

And, of course, a few magazines — Good Housekeeping, and Vogue. I rarely buy fashion mags any more, because I much prefer my fellow fashion bloggers for inspiration, but every once in a while it’s fun to flip through them and see what’s trending.

I hope you enjoyed this very short tour of one small space in my house! I am hoping that eventually I’ll be able to share a bigger house tour, once I’ve got everything put together the way I want it!

Happy Saturday!


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Earth Day Style with Schoola! | Mom+Daughter Outfits

This post is in collaboration with Schoola. I was sent clothing items in return for talking about their site and mission. All opinions and words are my own!

Earth Day Style with Schoola | www.eccentricowl.comEarth Day Style with Schoola |

Today is Earth Day, and I’m excited to share something a little bit more special with you all! You know that I am at heart a pretty thrifty shopper. When I’m asked what my favorite brands and stores are, I generally answer with “the vintage ones” and “Goodwill.” So when I was contacted by Schoola to see if I’d like to do an Earth Day post in collaboration with them, I was intrigued!

I have heard of Schoola here and there just by merit of reading other blogs, but I’d never really looked into them until they got in touch with me, and I am already in love. For one, Schoola is an online thrift store. That right there is a bonus with me — as a mom of two very young kids, and with only one car to share between my husband and  I, getting out anywhere is a feat. As much as I love thrifting, it’s sometimes just too much work to get out of the house and roll through a store with both kids. So an online thrift store? Sign me up!

But what I love even more is that 40% of Schoola’s profits go to the educating children around the world. Which is awesome. Every time you or I shop Schoola items, we are directly contributing our funds towards benefiting schools in the US and the Malala Fund internationally, helping kids around the world get the education they might otherwise not be able to have.

Earth Day Style with Schoola | www.eccentricowl.comEarth Day Style with Schoola |

Schoola promotes Earth Day Network, whose mission is to “broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations.” And that’s a mission I can certainly get behind! (You can see more here)

As a blogger, I get a lot of emails from fashion websites whose sole purpose is to make clothing that sells quickly. I see sites promoting cheaply made, trendy garments that are going to fall apart after one or two wears, and will be quickly thrown aside for the next big trend. And most likely, these clothing items are made by people who are underpaid or via child labor, which is not okay. The more I blog, the more I get emails, and the more aware I am of how much I do not want to be a part of that.

And the kicker is, Americans waste so much. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in America alone, 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year. That is a huge number.

Earth Day Style with Schoola | www.eccentricowl.comEarth Day Style with Schoola |

But making a difference can be as simple as taking a load to your local thrift store instead, choosing instead to purchase locally made garments, or utilizing a site like Schoola to donate your clothes. Everything on Schoola is donated — some of it brand new and from popular sites like Modcloth, which I know you guys would love! The dress I’m wearing and the top and bottoms Evie is wearing are both from Schoola, and this dress still had tags attached.

If you’re not already convinced that Schoola is pretty great, you should also know that they pay for the postage when you send in a donation bag! There is literally no cost to you to mail in a bag of clothing. To me, that’s pretty huge; I am well aware of the cost of sending packages these days, and free shipping is basically the best thing ever.

Earth Day Style with Schoola | www.eccentricowl.comEarth Day Style with Schoola | www.eccentricowl.comEarth Day Style with Schoola |

I would highly encourage you to consider donating your good-condition unwanted clothing to Schoola; I know the next time I have something that just didn’t quite work for me, it’s going to go there! It’s far easier for me to stuff a bag and toss it in the mail than it is to get a load over to Goodwill, that’s for sure!

And, while the prices are slightly higher than my beloved local thrift stores, the mission and incentive of helping kids get education is definitely worth it.

Earth Day Style with Schoola |

My dress and Evie’s top/pants sent free of charge from Schoola | my shoes, belt, brooch, and headscarf are vintage/thrifted | Evie’s headband and socks were a gift.

Of all the thrift sites I’ve come across, Schoola by far is my new favorite. If you want to know more about how their donations work, be sure to visit here! And, by the way, Asa’s overalls and shirt in this hiking video are also from Schoola (sent to us in the fun box of clothes they sent over!)

What changes have you made in your clothing consumption to reduce waste and fast fashion? I know I have definitely cut out purchasing clothes that I know are just trendy or cheap, and I’m more willing to pay a higher price for a well-made garment. I thrift more, I browse Etsy to support small businesses and handmade items more, and I definitely make more of my own clothing!

I want to send a huge thanks to Schoola for contacting me and making me more aware of their mission, and encouraging me to think more about the things I can do to make my wardrobe a more sustainable one! Happy Earth Day!


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