Strange Confessions

28 So let me tell you a little secret. It’s one of those secrets I keep in my “things moms do to not shower” corner. It’s called “Put a Scarf on It!”

Aka… I have gone like four days without showering, and I had to go out in public, so today scarves are my best friend. Because when there’s a scarf covering up my hair, nobody can see how bad it is. If it’s really bad, I put my hair up before I scarf it. But today it’s just at that line where you sort of need to shower at the roots, but the ends are actually the nice, supple, perfectly wavy hair you get when you’ve slept on and brushed out curls a few times. 3 So that’s one of the other things you may not have known about me: I only shower every three or four days. I don’t actually like showers that much, or baths. I hate having dry skin, and showers/baths both give me dry skin.

I was thinking about that list of little known facts about me that I made a few weeks ago (or whenever that was), and you know… I never think about the really unknown weird things until I’m actually doing them.

Like how in restrooms I tend to peek at the person’s shoes in the stall next to me to see if I can guess what they’ll look like when they come out. (Yes, weird, I know.) I’ve always noticed feet, though, so um… yes. 5 I also make up fake interviews with myself while I’m washing dishes, or driving alone, or pretty much anytime I’m by myself and have nothing else to do with my life. Sometimes I do them in random accents. Sometimes I pretend I’m famous for having published my novels, sometimes it’s because I’m famous for my blog, sometimes it’s because I’m an actress (which I’ve never wanted to be, actually.)

And I used to pretend I was the characters I write about, but I don’t do that any more. Mostly because I no longer need to pretend I’m in a romantic relationship. You know. It’d be weird if I did.

I… yeah. Those are the real “things you didn’t know about me” facts. 6 And on the subject of feet, which I was two paragraphs ago, I have always hated it when people don’t take care of their feet. When they have long toenails, or super dry callouses, or really dirty toes, or jagged nails… grosses me out. So I don’t like to be touched by other peoples’ feet. Haha! Not that that happens a whole lot, but… if my husband hasn’t clipped his toenails properly, I dislike playing footsies with him.

7 So what other slightly weird and/or embarrassing facts about me can I overshare? We’ve covered not showering, checking out peoples’ feet in public restrooms, self-interviews, foot aversions… um… I have really crooked lower teeth? And not just one or two crooked teeth; I mean super crooked. Apparently my mouth is small (every dentist ever has said that) so I have too many teeth for my jaw.

In fact, I have four wisdom teeth, and I’ve already had two pulled. (So yes, I once had six.)

Oh, and I like my knees. Which is pretty much something I’ve never heard any female say about herself ever. I don’t know what it is with the whole women-hating-their-knees thing, but I like mine. So… yay for body confidence about really random things?9 10 11

This turned out to be a much weirder post than I had expected. That’s what happens when I write blog posts late at night. Oops.
Thrifted belt, scarf, and skirt | Target sandals | Fred Meyer tee | Heirloom ring

I hope you are all having a good week so far! This week has been a pretty quiet one for me, considering I’ll be in a flurry of moving soon. I really need to start organizing and tossing stuff throughout the house, but I’m… well, I’m sort of a last-minute person when it comes to packing, so most likely I’ll pack everything up two days before we move it out. Haha!

Happy Wednesday!

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Life Lately

1 My husband and I went to a wedding this weekend, which was so wonderful! I love seeing people I’ve known for ages get married; it’s always so happy to be able to watch that and enjoy the love you can see coming out of both parties! I think Mr. Owl and I might be party poopers, though, because we rarely join in when there’s dancing at weddings. Am I the only one who really dislikes the modern wedding dancing with hip hop music and basically just getting out there to bounce around and bob your head and body to the beat? What happened to big band jazz and dances you could actually do as a couple?

My brother-in-law and his wife, when they got married, had the likes of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble and others and did a lot of swing-style dances, and it was so much more fun. To me, anyway. But I’m a total white girl and I cannot do modern dance at all. So that could be why.

4 I think this dress has basically become my go-to wedding attire. Partially because it’s just… you know, amazing… but also because he seems to request I wear it pretty much any time I ask him what I should wear. So I think he likes it. Just a little. I mean, he did buy it for me.

So I’ve been not-so-subtly hinting that he should maybe splurge and get me another Modcloth dress for my birthday… namely, this one. I need it so, so badly! The color is perfect and it’s polkadots and there are pockets… yeah. I want it.

2 Speaking of my birthday, I’m going to be 26! That seems crazy to me; I don’t feel like I’m about to be on the closer side to thirty. Not that thirty is old, but I still remember being thirteen and looking up to my youth group leaders as really adult people, and seriously… most of them were the age I am now. It’s a weird thought to realize that I am now that person that younger people might be looking at and thinking how “adult” I am. Haha! Even though I have a baby and I’m married and I have a grown up job… I don’t feel like I’m anywhere over say… 22. Seriously.

7 This month is gearing up to be pretty busy in the next two weeks, so posting might be scarce! As I mentioned before, we are taking up my parents’ offer to live in their basement for a while so we can save up and possibly buy a house instead of renting forever.

I love my parents, so I’m really excited about it! It will be nice to have my mom around to watch Asa when I’m working — even though he’s a very easy  baby, it will be nice to feel off the hook when it comes to checking on him while I do household chores or finish up shifts of work — plus we’ll be doing the Whole30 together, and it’ll make running errands and grocery shopping much easier… because… more cars! We currently only have my husband’s truck, so I have no way to go do things on my own right now.

8 11

Plus, my parents live super close to the beach and a really nice little park, so I can go for walks with Asa in a safer area than where we live now– our house is located on a really busy street, so there’s no way I can go for walks with him right now, sadly!

We will probably live with them for at least six months if not longer, and I’m really looking forward to it. I feel so blessed to have a family that is willing to put a few things on hold to help us save up some money, and also to have family that I get along with! Seriously, I get along with my side and my husband’s side; they’re all amazing!


Modcloth Salty and Pepper dress | Thrifted heels

Anyway! I had better get my work done before my husband gets home! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

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Playing dress-up


This dress, you guys… this dress. Let me tell you a story about it.

I was eight or so months pregnant and at Goodwill browsing the dresses for one or two more frocks to stretch over my then-42″ belly when my fingers brushed over a piece of fabric in the XL section. It felt vintage (if you’ve shopped and searched for vintage long enough, you get the feel  for it), and even though I don’t normally pick out black dresses (or wear black, for that matter), I pulled it out.

The first thing I saw was the back:


… the beautiful detailing of the pleats, the bow, the semi-ruching, the vee neckline. The beauty of this dress really is the back. And I fell in love. I had a problem, though. First of all, my rule while I was pregnant was “no purchasing any dress that does not fit you now.” Secondly, I don’t really wear black all that much. And thirdly… I’m not an XL.

But I knew that Goodwill has really horrible skills at sizing vintage garments due to having found several dresses in XL or L sections that are really a modern size 6 (my dress size). So I threw it in my cart anyway.

5 13

I had a very slim hope that maybe it really was an XL and would fit me while pregnant.

It didn’t.

So there I sat in the Goodwill dressing room, gazing longingly at this gorgeous dress and fighting with my inner pregnant voice on whether or not I could allow myself to purchase this one dress that didn’t currently fit my body. I went back and forth on the whole thing, saying to myself “Well, if it doesn’t fit me post-pregnancy, I’ll sell it. No biggie, right? But I can’t fall in love with a piece just to be disappointed later, and it might be a waste of money.”

Some people don’t really understand the thing I have for vintage and didn’t get why I wanted it so much. (Not naming any names, but you know, it’s one of the males in my house…)


And then I looked at the price tag. And I realized something: it was tag day. Green tag day. This dress was green tagged. As such, it would cost me a whopping $1.29.

So obviously I bought it.


And then, being curious about just how vintage this might be, I went home and started to do some research. I first poked around sites explaining the differences in things like zippers and seams and fit according to which era the garment was from, and tentatively started to think this dress might be from the 1940′s. Then I looked up the tag, which simply says “Benham Original New York” and a plethora of dresses popped up.

All from between the 1930′s-1950′s. All priced above $130.

8 12 15

So I’m not normally one to put too much thought into how much of a score I might have made at the thrift store, but… this dress? It’s probably the most impressive thrift store purchase I’ve ever made.

Now for me, knowing the age and value of a dress like this just makes me want to keep it even more. My husband, on hearing the success of my trip and the possible value of the dress, immediately said “sell it! Think of all the stuff you could get!”


Everything… thrifted or gifted.

But no. One does not give up a perfectly fitted 1940′s little black dress like this very easily when one has been obsessed with vintage for so long. Haha!

Anyway. Today I just had to play dress-up because the weather is beautiful and I was trying to decide whether I wanted to wear this to a wedding this weekend or not. But wearing black to a spring wedding feels very weird to me, so most likely I’ll go with something more… spring-colored.

I’ll keep this for a fall or winter wedding, or some other black-tie event (because I go to a lot of those… ha! Not.)

Happy Thursday!

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Collaborative writing (I am not good at it.)

I recorded this last Friday, and I finally re-watched it right now. I say “it’s interesting” a lot. Funny how you don’t notice your verbal habits until you start vlogging again! So excuse the repeated phrases, and the distraction at the end. Haha!

But in regards to collaborative writing vs independent writing: what are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Baby Files: 2-1/2 months

3 1348 1815 22 235

This little munchkin isn’t so little any more. He’s 2-1/2 months old, 15 pounds (or more), 25 inches long, and about as big as some of the 6 month old babies at church. His rolls, you guys! People constantly ask what I feed him. I answer “cake, every day.”

Strangers assume automatically that he’s a girl, when they can’t see his obviously boy-clothes at the store. One woman, after I corrected her, exclaimed “He’s beautiful enough to be a girl! Look at those eyes!” And when he gave her the above look, she said “Oh no, he’s going to cry!” and I wanted to reassure her that no, that’s just his face. I think he’s just trying to figure life out, seriously.

I love this little man! Right now he’s sleeping on the couch next to me as I type, his face snuggled against the couch (he loves the couch. He talks to it and smiles at it), his little feet propped up on my leg, content to just be hanging out.

He’s ticklish in the creases of his hip, in his ribs (and all that baby fat we like to call “moobies” aka baby man boobs), up his spine, and on the back of his neck. He giggles in his sleep, but he hasn’t yet giggled awake… although he does this half-laugh when he’s resisting the tickles. He gives his daddy so many looks of adoration and such big smiles, I can’t take it.

He really loves his grandmas. He talks and coos at them so much and he already behaves better for them than he does for me, haha! He also really loves his mobile with the owl and giraffe and elephant and turtle on it. It was one of the first things he started talking to.

Most of the time, he wakes up happy. Before he even opens his eyes, he has a smile on his face. And it takes him about ten minutes to actually open his eyes; meanwhile he stretches his legs straight up, waves his arms around, grunts and grunts and grunts, and shakes his head back and forth. He’s a lot like me in the mornings. I don’t like waking up, either.

He’s precious. He makes me want to have lots and lots of babies.

Happy Tuesday!

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