August/September Thrifting Haul

So it’s been forever since I’ve done a video, and with a recent thrifting trip done, I thought it would be fun to start doing some haul videos! Enjoy! (and I apologize in advance for the rambling. There’s a lot of it.)

Outfit links:

I ramble a lot. But here’s what I’ve thrifted in the last month or so!
Links to outfits:
Giraffe shirt + tan heels
Black hippie top
White textured tank top (and here) and you can get similar Modcloth red shoes here
Sparkly tank, and mentioned diamond skirt
(iPhone case, in case you liked it)

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

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{Photography: A Family Session}

Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography I think I mentioned before that I wasn’t going to post my photography on my blog, but after Desarae commented about it, and because it IS a part of my life, I decided… why not? Especially after a shoot like this!

Last wednesday I had what I feel like was my first “real” family shoot– a photoshoot with people I don’t know that well (I think I’ve only ever met the daughters once, although we do have a lot of common friends.) It was a lot of fun, and I’m so, so pleased with how all of the pictures turned out! Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography The parents had just had their 25th wedding anniversary, which is so awesome, and I loved seeing the family dynamics between them all! You can really see the love in the family through these pictures!Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography I was so nervous to shoot for them, since I don’t know them well, but these pictures turned out even better than I had hoped! It’s given me some confidence for any future shoots; I had to remind myself that obviously they liked what they saw on my photography page or they wouldn’t have contacted me! It’s a good thing to tell yourself when you’re doing photoshoots for people you’ve never met- they aren’t even judging you on their liking of you as a person, they’re only judging what they’ve seen you do, which is awesome! Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography

It didn’t hurt that the location, the park where I have always wanted to get married (so much for that, haha!) is a gorgeous place! It has so many interesting spots for photos, you’re never lacking for a good backdrop. While we were there, we saw a couple getting engagement photos done. Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography

Haha, and their brother had to get a “hipster” photo with his beanie. It was pretty hilarious! They were definitely all super friendly and fun, and it really helped me to feel more comfortable and not like I was going to ruin the shoot. Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography

The above are definitely my favorite shots of the day. Their little guy was such a  good sport up until the very last shot, and then he decided he’d had enough!

If you want to see even more, hop on over to the album on my Storybook Photography page! (And hey, live in the area? Now is a great time to get Christmas pictures done. Just sayin’!)

Happy Monday!

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Little Red

Little Red | Little Red |

Since I’ve been on a sort of roll with my Doctor Who Inspired outfits, I have been really wanting to do some Fairytale inspired outfits, too, and this marks my first one. If you hadn’t guessed by the cape and the title and the basket, I decided to start up with Little Red Riding Hood. I saw this cape on Oasap, and HAD to have it! It looked so cozy and retro and perfect for fall, and when it arrived yesterday I was definitely not disappointed. It’s so soft! I can’t wait to style it other ways!Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | As I posted earlier today (two posts in one day! Why not?), I’ve narrowed down my closet to all of my fall/winter clothes, and I’m getting anxious to move, get them all put away, and see how well it works to have simplified the color scheme. This skirt is one that I’ve got listed for sale in my shop, and if  it doesn’t sell soon I will probably (yet again) keep it. I love the colors, and it’s a nice length, and wooly, and tartan… what’s not to love?  Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | One thing I will be working hard on this month is promoting and selling (hopefully!) all of the vintage I have stacked up in a box. I am considering moving over to Etsy, since it’s much more known than Storenvy, to see if the shop is a little more successful there.

Since I posted on Wednesday about feeling a bit overwhelmed, my boss gave me a call and said that since I was stressed and work was extremely slow, I could take the month off and come back to work in October when it ramps up again. I am so, so relieved! It will be nice to have a little breather, and to be able to work on things that I have been wanting to get to for ages. Like the little vintage adventure I’ve embarked on. I would absolutely LOVE to sell vintage regularly, because I see so many things that need that perfect someone to buy and wear them, and my husband has forbidden me from buying anything else until I actually sell a few of the pieces I have listed. Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | I went on a thrift-store trip all by myself (well, with Asa) yesterday, and it was heavenly! One thing I just realized I could do is thrift-haul posts, with video. Yesterday was such a great day for thrifting; I found so many things (including this tee and these shoes), and it was my lucky day for finding tag-sale items, so I think it’d be a lot of fun to film a little haul video.

Maybe I’ll do a monthly haul video; since we’re moving, I won’t be as close to the thrift store and who knows how often I’ll get to go (unless the vintage business picks up exponentially, and then I have a good reason to tell my husband we have to go, haha!), plus I get things from Oasap quite often, as well as Target and a few other places. Little Red | Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red |  But you guys… I cannot get over this cape!  I can’t get over how absolutely perfect it is! I definitely stand by what I’ve said before about Oasap’s outerwear– of any place I shop, they make my favorite cardigans, and now capes, and I’m betting their outerwear is really nice, too!Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | I also need to get back to doing makeup tutorials and writing videos! Now that we’re moving away, I won’t feel so self-conscious doing either one, since no one but Asa will be home to see me do it!Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red |

Cape, sunglasses, ring, and earrings c/o Oasap | tee and shoes, thrifted | vintage skirt, for sale here

I hope you are all having a great week, and have a fun weekend!

Happy Friday!

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How to Pack for a Six Month Stay

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

So as I have mentioned, my husband and I are moving out to a friend’s house to house-sit for six months, starting today. We’ll be there until February, during the coldest months of the year, and I didn’t want to bring my entire wardrobe with me (okay, it’s more like my husband would have killed me if I did…) so last night I spent a few hours going through my closet and dresser, and pulling out everything to asses whether it should come or stay. I had only one criteria: it had to be fall/winter in colors and style (warmth). My first step, after I had thrown everything on the bed that I thought I wanted to bring, was to organize it all by garment, and see if it all went. This happened on the bed, as you can see!

Next, I pulled out anything that didn’t flow with the color scheme of red, yellow, navy, brown, and black, and it went back into the closet.

And then, I went through each garment category to see what I had.

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Sleeveless tops: Four (one not shown) tank tops/camis for layering.

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Short-sleeve tops: Three graphic tees; one textured peplum top; three printed tees; six gray, black, or yellow plain tee shirts (one with lace at the shoulders, one more of a sweater material)

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Long-sleeve tops: Three printed mid-sleeve tops; two printed sweaters, one plain sweater, and one long-sleeve tee; four patterned blouses.

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Cardigans: Three printed cardigans; five plain cardigans; one fringe kimono/vest, one cropped printed cardigan, one vintage bolero (I think that’s what it is).

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Outerwear: One knitted cape, one leather coat, one printed coat, one short jacket

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Pants: one pair skinny jeans, one pair printed skinnies, one pair bootcut jeans

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Dresses: fourteen floral dresses (one not shown); two plain and two lace dresses; three printed dresses

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay | www.eccentricowl.comIMG_3818

Skirts: Seven printed skirts (three not strictly “fall/winter” simply because I love them!); three plain wool skirts; four plain cotton/other fabric skirts; eleven wool gingham/tartan/plaid/whatever other patterns those are skirts

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

Shoes: one pair boots, one pair flats, one pair sandals (for the end of the summery days); one pair booties; three pair Mary-Jane-esque heels; five pairs stiletto heels.

How to Pack for a Six Month Stay |

And, of course, tights: three pair red, three pair yellow (my favorite colors to wear, so they rip fast); one pair plum; one pair grey; four pairs printed (hearts, two dots, one diamond); one pair sweater tights; three pair black tights.

I also plan to go through my belts and jewelry and only take things that go with the colors, but I didn’t get to that last night.

So, what do you all think? If you were packing up to stay somewhere for half a year, what would you bring?

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On Those Days When You Just Can’t.

Naptime 2

My child has forgotten how to sleep. That photo was taken after a long fight yesterday when I felt victorious that he’d finally dropped off, only to have him wake up 15 minutes later and refuse to nap. He goes to bed at eight or nine, only to wake up at midnight, at four am, at six am, and then at 7:30am for good. And last night, he woke up at 2am. It’s been like this for two weeks now.

This little chubby being, who used to take gloriously long 2 hour naps twice a day, who used to sleep from eight or nine pm until five or six  in the morning, has suddenly revolted against the idea of a solid few hours sleep in favor of being awake, crying, rolling himself over, screaming, and making such a huge fuss that he literally cries himself hoarse. He makes me feel like a bad mom as I stand there by his crib and stare at him, and wonder why he hates us, why he hates sleep, why God won’t make him sleep, why I can’t feel anything where I used to feel empathy. Why suddenly, I feel numb to it all. Why I just want to walk away and not deal with him.

These aren’t feelings any mom wants to admit. Mothers are supposed to be loving and understanding, selfless and patient, soothing and calm. Today, I do not feel any of those things. Today, I feel heartless, selfish, exasperated, frantic, frustrated, and on edge. Of all the things motherhood entails — dirty diapers, crying, sleepless nights, constant need for attention, burp up, slobber, messes everywhere — lack of sleep is the only thing that really gets me. If I had sleep, I could deal with everything else.

But I haven’t had a solid night of sleep for the last two weeks. And today, I just can’t. He’s exhausted, I’m exhausted, and I’m so over trying to be the “good” mom.

I can’t make him stay in his crib and cry until he falls asleep. I can’t deal with the constant fussing. I can’t be a logical mother who keeps her child on a schedule of eat-wake-nap today. I can’t be the working mother who somehow juggles work shifts and a baby. I can’t be the perfect wife who has all of the cleaning done and the laundry folded and dinner ready. I can’t stick to my guns on eating Paleo today. I just can’t.

So he’s up. We tried peas, which he loved yesterday and gagged on today, and we had some corn, which he loved today and who knows what he’ll think tomorrow. We’re going to watch cartoons until he’s tired, and we’re going to play. Maybe I will nap with him. Unless my boss says otherwise, I’m taking the day off of work. I might make some cookies, I  might take outfit pictures, I might do nothing at all in my yoga pants until I have to be dressed tonight.

Today is the day to not deal. Today there are no rules, there is no schedule, and hopefully, there will be a little more sanity and a little less crying. Today, as Kristen at When At Home wrote, is survival mode. And it’s okay.  It’s okay not to deal. It’s okay to leave the mess, skip the diet, forget the schedule, and just chill.

And maybe have a cookie or two.

(he made up for it, though, by producing me with these gems):Pooop face1

Poop face at its very best.

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