Sunday Sweets: Store Trip

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I am part of a group on Facebook called The Everyday Momtographer, for moms aspiring to capture the beautiful in everyday life, and every week there’s a new challenge. A few weeks ago, it was “in public” and we were challenged to document a trip outside of our own houses — to the park, to the store, on errands, wherever. So when we went for a short run to a small store near where we’re living, I timidly brought along the camera, sure someone would tell us we weren’t allowed to take pictures in stores.

But nobody did, and I got some of my favorite pictures of Asa ever!

I would love to start taking more pictures of him as we’re out and about; I may start carting my camera with me on more shopping trips, because it was a lot of fun!

In other news, this little man woke up at 5:30 today, and uh… I am not a fan of waking up that early. I may have had a breakdown this morning because of that and also because we’re out of almond milk for my coffee. Yeah. Being a girl with emotions is fun. Haha!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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Little Things: Seventh Edition


It’s Saturday! I’m sorry this post is coming to you so late, but this morning I tried (for the second time around) to edit together a makeup tutorial I shot on Friday, and… ugh. Yesterday, I downloaded a free program that was seemingly okay, but at the very end of editing when I was all ready to export and had gone through uploading it from the program straight to YouTube, I realized that the free version would only export videos with a HUGE watermark right over the middle of the video frame… through the entire thing.

So I removed that program and realized it had downloaded me a few virusy things as well, which thankfully I got rid of… and my husband — who is much more knowledgeable than me on these things — found me a different program that seemed good this morning. But as I was editing I was thinking “man, this is JUST like the other program; everything is exactly the same!” and sure enough, I got done and once again it would only upload with a huge watermark over my face.

And then we tried Windows Movie Maker, but it won’t take my files because apparently it hates me. And then we tried using a file converter and WMM still hated me. And then it also downloaded AVG Safe Search and automatically installed it in my browser, so I had to remove that AND THEN… nothing was working.

Suffice it to say, this morning has not been nice. But I’m about to do a photoshoot, and I have lots of fun links to share today, so it’ll get better!

Funny Things

Cute Things

Pretty Things

DIY Things

Food Things

Mom Things

  • I really needed to read this post about finding the sacred in the mundane moments. Kristen always says it perfectly!

That’s it for today! I’m off to shoot some people (er… with my camera…) and then try out finger knitting. I hope you all have a happy Saturday!

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Pacific Northwesterners

Pacific Northwesterners | www.eccentricowl.comPacific Northwesterners |

Today, I quit my job.

I know that sounds crazy after I’ve admitted we’re pretty broke, but… we’ll live. We’ve been scraping by for two months on just my husband’s paycheck, so I know we can make it, even if it is tough. Pacific Northwesterners | www.eccentricowl.comThere are moms out there who work part time or full time, and I don’t know how they do it. It might sound really weak to admit that even working 4 hours a day wore me out, stressed me out, made me emotional and more prone to impatience with Asa… I just can’t be that woman. I can’t be a superwoman who has a steady job and takes care of a house and kids at the same time. It’s not a strength of mine.

And I knew it was time to call in and quit after I tried going back to work today and had no less than three breakdowns while trying to get Asa down for a nap so I could log in.

If work means I’ll be less of a mother and wife, then… I can’t work.

Pacific Northwesterners | www.eccentricowl.comPacific Northwesterners | So, aside from continuing to cultivate my Etsy shop and perhaps grabbing a few sponsors here and there for the blog or doing photography sessions when people want me, I am officially  no longer a working mother. We are solely living on what my husband makes, and it’s going to be tight, but less stressful.

I am thankful for my husband’s understanding this morning, when I told him that I just couldn’t work AND be a good wife and mother. His response was to quit work, if it’s what I needed to do.Pacific Northwesterners | www.eccentricowl.comPacific Northwesterners | And here we are.

It should have felt like a big decision because this is the first time in years and in our marriage that I am officially done working bar we become absolutely destitute and I’m forced to work again. But really… I’ve not been working for two months already, so it’s just relief. Relief that the dread of having to go back to work is over; that I don’t have to figure out how to fit four hours of work into my day as well as try to be a good mother, a good wife, eat healthy, exercise, work on my Etsy shop, work with sponsors, blog consistently (and with good content), write, work on photography, and whatever else comes my way.

I no longer have to worry about whether I’ll be able to socialize with the people I love because I might still have a few hours of work I need to get in. I don’t have to stress over shopping day because going to get groceries cuts into the hours I could be working. I don’t have to get anxious when Asa refuses to take a nap because all I could think about was that the longer he napped, the less time I had to do what was required of me for my job.Pacific Northwesterners | Pacific Northwesterners | And it was a great job, don’t get me wrong. Working from home with flexible hours that can be done at any time during the day is really an amazing opportunity. But knowing I was required to do those hours and the pressure was on to get everything done in the day… it’s just not something I am cut out for,.

Perhaps it also felt unfair to me that I had to do two jobs — work a job and be a mother and a wife and a housekeeper. Not that I thought it was anyone’s fault, but… it did feel unfair that I had two jobs and my husband only had one. (I really want to emphasize that at no time did I feel like it was his fault. It was just life. Life happens, and neither of us can control some things.)Pacific Northwesterners | So, thankfully, after the first and second breakdowns when I finally told him I just couldn’t do it, he understood. I am unbelievably blessed to have a husband willing to be the sole provider so that I can be at home where I want to be with my child, being the wife and mother I’ve always wanted to be. Sometimes it seems so incredibly lucky that I get all of this.  Pacific Northwesterners | In view of everything that’s happened today, and to take a step towards the things I’ve been putting on the back burner as I waited for work to start again, and in celebration of this new crazy chapter of life, because I’m sure it will be crazy, I’m offering all of my readers a chance to nab something from the shop at 15% off from now until December 31st.

Everything is eligible for the discount, and in the coming weeks I’ll be trying hard to list more of the things I’ve got waiting to be listed. The code for the discount is OWLREADER. So, see something you wanted? Now’s the time. Pacific Northwesterners | www.eccentricowl.comPacific Northwesterners | These pictures are from a week or so ago, when I was taking inspiration from Marlen and basically came out looking more like the typical stereotype of a Washingtonian. Plaid, coffee, hipster hat. Y’know.

I convinced my husband to pose with me because he sort of looks like a Washingtonian, too, doesn’t he?

Pacific Northwesterners | www.eccentricowl.comPacific Northwesterners |

On me: shirt, skirt, belt, and brooch, Thrifted | tights, Target | hat, mom-made | shoes, Modcloth | coffee cup, gift
On him: sweatshirt, pants, and socks, Target | shirt, c/o Joules | boots, Kohl’s

I hope you all have a beautiful Friday and a fantastic weekend! I know I will.

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The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter | www.eccentricowl.comThe Woodcutter | Today’s outfit was NOT inspired by this book. But as I was walking out the door, I spotted the book and thought “Oh hey, we match!” so we’ll pretend it was intentional.

Really, I just wanted to wear this fantastic cape thing from my darling friend Sarah’s late grandma — she’s the same person who gave me this vest thing. I was actually wearing a different outfit this morning, trying to make a spring skirt work for fall, but there was just something really off about it. You know, when you have elements of an outfit that should work, but it doesn’t? Yeah. That was this morning.

Thankfully, I remembered that I had this cape unworn in my closet, and here we are!

The Woodcutter | This is one of those outfits that I loved in the mirror, hated in my viewfinder, and then loved once I saw bigger pictures.

Does anyone else ever do that? Like, you get dressed and think you love your outfit, but then you take outfit pictures and check them on the camera and think “oh, maybe I don’t love this as much as I thought I did” but once you’ve loaded them onto your computer, you’re back to love? It’s happened to me a few times. The Woodcutter | The Woodcutter is a book I’m currently reading; I had a few others on my side table that I just wasn’t interested in after a few chapters (Mansfield Park and Mummies, Behind the Shattered Glass), so I returned them to the library in favor of finding a book that I didn’t have to force myself to read. As I was browsing, the title and cover caught my eye.

What can I say? I am a fan of fairytales. The Woodcutter |  So far, it’s… well, I think it’s too early to say, really. It’s interesting, but I’m only a few chapters in and the chapter lengths thus far are two page chapters, which makes it feel a bit choppy. I think they start getting longer later on, though.

And at this point, I know pretty much nothing at all, so I can’t even tell you whether I like the premise. The Woodcutter | But I love the cover. So that’s… something?

Ha! I have a few books on hold that I’m waiting for — The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, and Hollow City. I should probably also review The Fault In Our Stars now that I’ve read it, but I haven’t been in the mood. Plus, I don’t have the book with me any more, and I honestly was only moved by maybe one chapter. It was definitely a little too YA Fiction for my tastes — I don’t mind most YA Fiction, but it had a quality of immaturity about it that didn’t appeal to me. Which pains me to say, because I really wanted to like it, as I’m a big fan of Paper Towns. The Woodcutter | www.eccentricowl.comThe Woodcutter | I am starting to gear up for Dressember this year; I’ve been avoiding wearing any more dresses, since I don’t have a ton with me and I want to save what I have for next month.

For those of you who have never heard of Dressember, it is a fashion challenge for charity: women (and men, I suppose) wear a dress every day of the month in December to raise money towards freeing enslaved and abused women all over the world. I stumbled across the cause last year via one of my old sponsors, and it really resonated with me. Not because I have ever been enslaved or abused, but because I’ve always wanted to use this blog for good, and this is a cause that I truly believe in, that I can stand up and shine a light for women everywhere, and that combines my love of fashion with a greater good.

I did quite a bit of research last year before joining just to be sure it was a legit cause, and the entire time I kept thinking of Proverbs 31:8 and Psalm 82:3  which say respectively “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” and “Stand up for those who are weak and for those whose fathers have died. See to it that those who are poor and those who are beaten down are treated fairly.
The Woodcutter |

Vintage gifted cape | Motherhood maternity jeans (I know, I know. I should get real jeans for not being pregnant) | thrifted belt | husband-made scarf | Joules (c/o) sweater | JC Penney boots | Oasap (c/o) earrings | Firmoo (c/o) glasses

I know that wearing a dress every day for a month probably doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but I feel strongly called to participate for as long as they do Dressember. It’s a little thing, but it’s what I can do with what I have.

This year, I am offering a medium size ad space in my sidebar to anyone who donates $10 or more. Bloggers, shop owners, photographers; whatever your website (barring the inappropriate), if you want to participate but don’t want to commit to a month of wearing a dress, and you want a month of ad space, all you have to do is donate here, and then let me know you’ve done so. 100% of the donated funds go directly to the International Justice Mission, an organization that helps abolish slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of oppression.

Anyway! I am looking forward to participating again, and I hope you think about it as well! If you are going to do Dressember, let me know because I would love to share weekly roundups of all of you in your dresses!

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | www.eccentricowl.comExcuse the horrible photoshop. I was being lazy and trying to go fast.

As you can see, I’ve just finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and it’s time for a review!

I had planned to be inspired by one of the photographs other than the cover, but… did I mention lazy? As well, it’s probably the most recognizable of all of the images, seeing as it’s on the cover, and it’s the closest thing I have to an outfit out of any of the peculiars. So, here we are. Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | www.eccentricowl.comBook Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | I have actually been wanting to read this book ever since Salazar reviewed it, and I was not disappointed! The cover really appealed to me (I’m a visual person!), and while I wasn’t quite satisfied with the ending after all of the buildup, it was good enough.(And I guess there’s a sequel coming, so that makes me feel better about  the end.)

But first, the synopsis.Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | Jacob’s grandfather Abe has always told him fantastic stories of his childhood and shown him old pictures of peculiar children — the floating girl, the slender boy who could lift boulders, the man with a mouth on the back of his head, the invisible boy — but as time went on and Jacob grew up, he stopped believing his grandfather’s tales.

Until one night, when his grandfather is murdered, and on finding his grandfather at the scene, Jacob sees something from his nightmares.

After some time seeing a psychiatrist to deal with his trauma, Jacob is encouraged to find the island and the house for peculiar children that his grandfather often spoke of. He arrives… and finds a horribly marred house that was bombed in the war, leaving no survivors.

Or so they thought.

Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | As Jacob explores the overgrown, long-forgotten house, he is discovered by a group of children who, when he spots them, scatter off into a bog. Jacob gives chase… and somehow finds himself thrown back in time, to the very day that the house was bombed. And he discovers that his grandfather’s stories were not just stories.

The children are still alive, caught in a time-loop that resets the day over and over and over again just before the bomb strikes. He learns that they are in perilous danger, that the nightmare he saw on the night of his grandfather’s death is real, and that he is one of them.Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | www.eccentricowl.comBook Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | It’s a pretty fascinating story, and Riggs writes it fantastically well. I was captured from the first page, and when I turned the last I was sad. I didn’t want the story to end — partially because it’s not really a conclusive ending, partially because I could have happily spent many more hours exploring the curious world Riggs created between reality and fantasy.

Throughout the entire book, I was dreading that Riggs would write an ending that was a complete letdown; that perhaps he would take the cheap way out, or that Jacob’s entire adventure was an episode because of his trauma, or the monsters he saw would never really be revealed… but thankfully none of this happened. While the ending was not absolutely conclusive, it left you with a sense of triumph that they would conquer the problems the book left them with.

The last few chapters were the most intense. I kid you not, I was reading it at night in bed and I still got the heebie jeebies when I had to quit mid-scene because my husband wanted to go to sleep. Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | I loved each and every character in the book; each peculiar child, however small their part, had an interesting background and a perfect personality for their peculiarity. The monsters were perfectly creepy and intense (which is hard to do in a book, I think). It’s the first book that has really scared me since I read the scene with Shelob in Lord of the Rings.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a quick read and good fairytale with a twist! Book Review/Inspired Outfit: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children |

Vintage headscarf and dress, thrifted | tights and cardigan, Target | shoes, Modcloth | necklace c/o Oasap (similar) | glasses c/o Firmoo | lipstick, Rimmel London Kate Moss collection shade 01

Well, you guys, it is absolutely frozen today! I feel like I say this with every season’s beginning, but I LOVE this weather. I feel like Fall/Winter might be my favorite, because it’s all frosty and pretty, and you get to wear fun layers and the grass sparkles and it’s just beautiful. Plus there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to, and… ah, I just love it!

What are you looking forward to this season? And can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK???

I can’t. Happy Tuesday!

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