Friday Links

A sign pointing towards a pub called “The Owl & Thistle”. I need that sign for my door.

Weekend Pretties:

Adorable things:

Weekend Junk Food:

Weekend Art: 
Weekend Article:

Weekend Giggles:

I hope you all have a beautiful Friday! Happy weekend!

  • Demy

    hahahhahahahha, this dog is SO funny! His legs hahahahah!! Hilarious! 😀 And also the rainbow cookies look really really delicious! As for the portraits with the tape, ok, I don’t know what to say. Some people are incredibly talented. hehe this sign was made for you in reality so I guess you can steal it! I’m just kidding, but admit it, it’s not a bad idea 😛

    • Mara

      Hehe, wasn’t he cute? I couldn’t stop laughing, either. 😀
      And the tape portraits! I cannot get over how cool they are. 
      Hey, if they someday find their sign is missing, it might be me. 😀

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